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Kenwood - TK-D200(G)/D300(G) 2 Stores

Kenwood - TK-D200(G)/D300(G)

TYT - TH-7800 2 Stores

TYT - TH-7800

TYT - MD-380 2 Stores

TYT - MD-380

TYT - MD-8500 1 Stores

TYT - MD-8500

Kenwood - TK-2170/3170 1 Stores

Kenwood - TK-2170/3170

TYT - MD-280 1 Stores

TYT - MD-280

Kenwood - TK-D240/D340 1 Stores

Kenwood - TK-D240/D340

HQT - DH-8800 1 Stores

HQT - DH-8800

HQT - DH-6000S 1 Stores

HQT - DH-6000S

HQT - Q1D 1 Stores


TYT - TC-2000A 1 Stores

TYT - TC-2000A

Kenwood - TKR-D710 1 Stores

Kenwood - TKR-D710

Telo Systems - TE590 2 Stores

Telo Systems - TE590

The Ultra Rugged TE590 (IP68 & MIL810G) is dedicated for better broadband experience. The design itself is purposed to simplify the interaction with users by using convenient channel knob and enlarged system icons. This android based smart handheld has a wide frequency coverage and also supports glove and wet operation. it can be used in public safety, Utilities, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Logistics, Healthcare and Mining etc..