COVID-19: how to improve internet speed when traffic is surging


How to improve internet speed when working remote

The recent weeks have seen very high internet traffic. Most people are staying home and using the internet constantly. This has led to slower internet speed for many people especially in countries where coronavirus COVID-19 is rapidly spreading and curfew orders were made. 

Some streaming services have even lowered the quality of their videos in specific countries. This is for the infrastructure to be able to withstand the exceptional demand of the internet. 

Of course, there is nothing you can do about these difficulties internet infrastructures are facing. However, what you can do is to take advantage of all the speed that is reaching your router and solve any other problem that may affect your internet speed. 

How to test your internet speed

How to test your internet speed

If you want to know how exactly the speed you are getting can be compared to the advertised speed by your internet service provider, then you can do it easily with many available tools. 

This can help you compare the results to others around you. You will know whether you have a problem with your internet speed or it is just the high internet traffic problem. 

One of the most known speed testing tools is by Ookla. There are other ones like You can discover more by googling "speed test". You only need to click a button and wait for the speed test to finish. 

What you can notice is that every test tool gives different result. This is because of the always changing network conditions, different server latencies and even the time of performing the test can affect the results. 

How to improve your internet speed during the coronavirus crisis

How to improve your internet speed

Try a new router 

If your router isn't helping you get the most of your internet, then it could be the time to try this out. Internet speeds nowadays are getting higher in many countries. The router you own can be the reason you aren't getting the speed advertised by your internet service provider. 

You can ask customer support of your internet company to help you figure out if you are getting the best possible speed or not and if the router is the reason behind it.

An old router can also be the reason for many other problems. Trying another router as a fix is always an excellent choice for speeding the internet or solving its issues. 

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Check your cables or replace them 

Old cables or any cut in them can lead to a slower connection. If you want to get the maximum possible speed then you should check if your cables are good. You can consider replacing the cables and seeing the difference they make. 

You can also ask your ISP if you are using the maximum possible speed or not. Ask them to come and check your cables. 

Scan PCs for viruses and malware 

Scan your computer for malware

Any of the running computers that are connected to the network can have a virus or a malware that is using the network resources to upload or download data. This leads to a slower connection for the whole network. 

To speed up your internet, you need to consider installing an antivirus and doing a virus and malware scan on all the computers connected to the network. 

There are many antivirus and anti-malware tools out there. You can choose one and run the scan. You should consider checking for viruses and malware from time to time anyway.

Try resetting your router 

Resetting the router can help speed up your internet connection. So you should give it a try. To reset the router, you usually need to press a button on the back of the router for a few seconds. 

To ensure you are reconfiguring it with the best settings, you should call your internet service provider and ask them. You will also need to reconfigure your wireless network and set a new password. 

One of the other solutions that can help you get the best possible speed for your internet connection is to update your router firmware. To update the firmware, you need to visit the manufacturer website and download the firmware.

Then strictly follow the steps written on the manufacturer website. Make sure that your router model is the same model the firmware is made for.

Reposition your router 

Try repositioning your router

If you are using a wireless connection and you probably are, then you should be getting a good WiFi signal before evaluating the internet speed. Try sitting closer to your router or move the router itself. 

To improve your wireless signal, you should also consider moving any metallic objects away from the router as they absorb the signal. If the WiFi signal is weak, this will naturally lead to slower connection. In this case, consider buying a router with a better range. 

Monitor your monthly quota 

You may be trying to improve your internet speed thinking that the problem is with the internet service provider or the high internet traffic. The problem can simply be that you have passed your monthly quota. 

Every internet subscription has a monthly quota. Once the quota is passed, internet speed drops. To monitor your quota, you should visit your ISP's website or call them to know if there is an app for tracking data usage.

Ensure the problem isn't with the browser or content  

Check your browser for updates

Finally, the problem can be that you are using an outdated browser. So, getting an updated version of a trusted browser can be the best thing to do. This should probably be done before deciding if your internet connection and speed is bad or not.

The problem can also be with the server of the website or service you are using. So, you should always try alternatives and avoid content with ads or spam. 

If your problem is not solved and suspect your ISP is behind the problem, then you can consider changing your ISP to get more of the advertised speed. 

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