Corona pandemic: top time tracking software for remote work

Corona pandemic: top time tracking software for remote workers

It is clear for everyone that life has changed dramatically since the outbreak of corona pandemic. Thousands of cases are reported daily and there is still no confirmed treatment or vaccination for the disease.

The effects of the pandemic are not limited to the health of the society but it has also significantly affected our economy and lifestyle. Precautions to limit the spread of the disease include lockdown of cities, curfew and social distancing.

Efforts are made to keep life and economy going as much as possible. Accordingly, companies are taking all available measures to limit the number of workers who have to be physically present at work.

This implies that many of the employees are working remotely. This has only become possible thanks to the available technologies. This also imposes challenges to managers who still need to monitor the commitment and performance of the employees in the new working pattern.

Work from home during corona pandemic

Among the important tools for remote work is time tracking software. They don't just calculate the total hours of work but they also provide highly valuable options related to this purpose.

For example, many of these programs allow employee scheduling. This means employers can specify the time during which working hours can be clocked. Other programs may allow GPS tracking, overtime tracking and alerts and analysis of the time spent per task.

Managers may also have the option to track the progress of specified tasks or projects, generate invoices or send automated reminders. Some of these programs are also available as mobile apps and allow integration with HR, finance or payroll programs.

Top time tracking software for remote workers during corona pandemic:

1.     Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce remote work during corona pandemic

This is comprehensive management software that provides HR, payroll, accounting and workforce management tools. The software is cloud based which provides more flexibility and ease of use.

However, it may have limitations when the internet connection is not available or unstable. The program can also provide statistics and data analysis that can be very valuable for decision making in a company or institute.

2.     Paycor

Paycor SME management software

This is suitable for small and medium sized enterprises. The program allows integrated management for employees’ benefits including management of insurance contracts with flexible time management.

The program has some disadvantages including the inability to modify a time schedule for a project after the project is created. The user has to remove the project and create it again which is time consuming.

The program also does not allow disabling any of the available features which is sometimes needed.

3.     Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects Software for syncing teamwork

This program is focused on synchronizing the work distributed between teams, making it suitable for remote work during corona pandemic. It allows distributing tasks between team members and monitoring the progress of various parts of the project. The program also allows zooming in and out for performance monitoring of single members or the project as a whole.

The drawbacks of this program include the lack of document sharing option and its somehow complicated interface. Some users also complain that the program is time consuming. They say it does not provide specialized functionalities as work time scheduling and workforce management.

4.     Time Doctor

Time tracking for remote teams during corona pandemic

This program is designed to be used as a time tracker for remotely working teams. It provides time records for all team members as well as collective time data. This allows the company to monitor its productivity during corona pandemic.

The program has the option of taking screenshots frequently, monitor the website and app usage to make sure that employees are actually working on their assigned tasks.

The program also provides tools for direct payment based on hourly rates set for employees. It connects to payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer or TransferWise. The program has the advantages of being easy to use while integrating several functionalities.

However, you cannot edit time directly from the app and you have to use the website to do that. The program is available for free with limited functionalities. The full version is available at $10 per user per month.

5.     Toggl

Time management for different tasks

Toggl is a free software that is designed for freelancers and individuals. It is simple and flexible allowing monitoring of time dedicated for different tasks. The software is available on different platforms including website, browser extension, mobile and desktop app.

You can easily create reminders and invoices reporting. Toggl allows easy tagging of projects and clients, and creating new projects in a few seconds. However, the program is limited by the inability to integrate with third party programs.

There is a free version of the program that offers most of the essential functionalities for individuals. Subscriptions are available for $9 per month per user or $49 per month for an enterprise.

6.     Harvest

Time tracking software with billing

Harvest is a time tracking software with special focus on invoicing. It provides built-in accounting features such as billable hours and expense tracking with receipt scanning.

It has a special feature in the US, which is making payments through PayPal with a flat-rate of $0.5. The program has many integrated tools including project management, CRM, customer support and developer tools.

Additionally, the program is available on different platforms as a website, mobile app or desktop app. However, the design of the user-interface is not the best with little flexibility in reporting functionalities compared to competitors.

The free version of the program is limited to creating two projects only. The full version is available for $12 per month.

7.     Hours

Simple time tracker

Hours probably has the nicest, most simple and flexible user-interface among competitors. It allows creating projects easily with flexibility in reporting.

However, the program does not offer as many tools as those offered by other programs. Functions dedicated for teams are limited. So, Hours is more suitable for individuals who are looking for a simple time tracker.

The program is available as a web app or an iOS app only. The web app has a subscription fee of $8 per month. The iOS app is available for free but it does not include the full features of the program.


These were some of the best time tracking software for remote workers. Many people are now working from home due to the corona pandemic. This can impact the productivity of businesses. However, businesses can still maintain their productivity by using various technological tools for time tracking, project management, CRM and more.

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