Top essential software for remote work during COVID-19 crisis

Best practices to work from home

The great advancement of the internet, communication and management technologies and software allowed many companies to make use of remote work whether totally or partially. 

One of the reports released by Upwork, the world's leading freelancing platform, states that hiring managers expect that 38 percent of their staff to be working from home before the end of this decade. 

With the number of remote employees working from home increasing, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many businesses around the world to encourage their employees to work from home. This put remote work under the spotlight. Many businesses are now studying the benefits and challenges of remote work.

Today, we are sharing some of the top software used by freelancers and remote workers to manage teams and boost productivity. We explain what each can bring to your working day whether you are new to the idea of working from home or looking for software to increase your productivity and manage your team.

Top software for remote work: 

G Suite 

Software for remote work G Suite

If you haven't been using G Suite from Google then it's probably time to start. It's without a doubt one of the most useful remote work software there is.

Forget about uploading word documents, powerpoint presentations and excel sheets. With G Suite, you can collaborate with anyone on cloud files using Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. These are all saved on Google Drive. 

The applications are available also on your browser and smartphone. They let you add comments and follow up and they offer automatic grammatical error fixing and many more features. 

Google Drive also gives you the ability to upload any type of file and share it with others while choosing who can access it. It is totally free and you have a whole 15 GB of storage to use at no price. 


TeamViewer for remote work

TeamViewer is one of the most famous and widely used screen sharing software. It comes in handy during remote work. For example, you may need to show someone how to do something or want to do it yourself on their PC. Teamviewer enables you to share your screen and also control other computers remotely.

While remotely accessing other people's PCs, the software supports many features like voice chatting and text chatting to help get the task done efficiently. It also supports changing the video quality and optimizing the settings for optimum internet bandwidth usage. 


Slack for remote work communication and project management

Slack is one of the most famous instant messaging and project management software used by businesses all around the world. The software has many features including file sharing, voice calling, screen sharing and an archive. 

It might take some time to get accustomed to Slack. However, once you know how to get things done it becomes an essential platform for your team or the whole company. 

Time Doctor 

Time Doctor for measuring remote work hours

Time Doctor is a productivity app that helps individuals manage their time and enhance their productivity. It also helps businesses monitor what employees are spending their time on. 

Through the application, leaders can assign tasks and track working hours of each member. They can use features like screenshot monitoring and detailed usage of each website or application.  


Trello for remote work organisation and team management

One of the greatest challenges of working remotely, and even working in the office, is managing teams. There are many software available on PC and smartphones that help in team management. Trello is one of the top software for this. 

Trello is a project management software with a user friendly interface that helps you manage individual and team projects easily. 

With Trello, you can assign tasks to team members and make groups while tracking deadlines and using a range of other features. The software is also available on smartphones to follow up or assign a task without needing your PC. 


JotForm for collecting data while working remotely

Do you need to collect data while working remotely? Here is a great solution. JotForm enables you to create forms easily and share them through a link to allow others to edit them. 

Creating a form through this software is very easy and doesn't require any coding knowledge. Just select a tempelate, start adding questions of various types and publish the form to be filled. 

One of the greatest features offered by this software is that it saves forms to the cloud so you won't be concerned about losing your form since all changes are saved in real time. You can also view your history of changes with the ability to revert to a previous version at any moment. 


Evernote for sharing notes in remote work

Evernote is one of the greatest software that can help during remote work. The application is like a basic notepad that is built into the cloud. It has many features that help you become more productive. It simply is pleasant to use.

The software allows you to add text, images, web pages and audio files to your notes. You can manage them in different folders and search easily for any text you have written through the whole application. 

The notes created by Evernote are very smart. They can include meeting schedules and reminders alongside collaboration features. Being on the cloud, you can start any new note on your PC and continue editing at any time on your Android or iOS phone. 


invision for sharing and cooperating design

Many companies now have their own designer or a design team. InVision is a software made to make the working process of design tasks smoother.

The software allows designers to make interactive prototypes and share them to get feedback and updates with many features and an excellent interface. 


Manage and keep passwords secure while remote working

Doing most of the work through the internet will make you use more software and more accounts. To keep your login details secure, you can use a software to manage your passwords. It can save you the time you spend remembering or searching for passwords of different accounts. 

Bottom line 

Managing your time and tasks during remote work can be challenging. However, with the right tools, working from home can become a lot easier. Using our list of reliable and widely used applications can help you save time and work more efficiently. 

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