Coronavirus pandemic: what your business should do

Coronavirus pandemic: what your business should do

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting many nations around the world. The effects are spreading day by day to reach individuals and businesses. People are panicking and some businesses are seeing decline in sales and interactions while others are seeing them rise. 

And whether your business is seeing a rise in sales or a decline, you should be very cautious when dealing with such a situation. In this article, we have brought some tips and best practices that can help your business operate through this tricky period.

Tips to help your business during the coronavirus pandemic:

Enable employees to work from home 

Spreading coronavirus taking people to remote work from home

Even if your company didn't already allow a number of its employees to work from home, it may be the right time to do so. As much as this can be challenging for some businesses, it can also be essential for the safety of your employees. 

Many businesses enabled all their employees to work from home. You probably should also do that as much as possible.

Of course some businesses cannot have all or some of their employees work from home. This could be because many employees need to do manual work or interact with customers face-to-face. However, as far as you can, you need to consider establishing a clear work from home policy for your employees. 

A remote work policy may include details explaining if this remote work is temporary until the current coronavirus crisis unfolds, what procedures may be followed and who is eligible to work from home. 

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Update your employees continuously

Your business should address the whole coronavirus situation very seriously with the employees. If you aren't already doing this, then you should begin. 

Keep all your employees updated with any update your company has regarding the situation and any precautions your company is taking to keep them safe. 

Updating your employees, beside being their right, can help them feel safer and cared for. This can also boost their productivity. 

Take more precautions at office 

desinfecting and cleaning offices to fight the spread of covid-19

While this can seem very basic, it is easy to forget. Your business may need to add more precautions to fight the Covid-19 coronavirus. 

Make the cleaning process very frequent, buy sanitizers and let them be used all over the place and use disinfectants. 

Your employees should also play a big role in this. So you should be asking them to sanitize their desks frequently, stay home if they feel sick and wash their hands very frequently. 

Making your office feel cleaner will help them focus on their work with more peace of mind. Your effort to make them safe will be much appreciated. 

You may also need to educate your employees generally about being safer, avoiding crowded places, disinfecting their homes and washing their hands.

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Use technology improve communication and productivity

Technology can help you make working from home more productive than you would think. There are many tools out there used by freelancers and remote workers for years that your employees can use to boost their productivity and keep focused while working from home. 

Many tools are also available for project management like Slack, Asana and Trello. These tools will help you assign tasks and help teams work together remotely. You can also track how your employees are spending their work hours and add deadlines using these software programs. 

Even conferences and meetings -whether they include many people or just two people- can be held effectively using a video conferencing system. 

These systems are not expensive for businesses and they are available in many setups. They also offer many additional features that employees and executives may use during their meeting. These systems can make meetings feel similar to face-to-face meetings.

Utilising technology effectively enables your employees work from home while ensuring that work is accomplished efficiently. 

Communicate with customers 

Remote work changes needs for communication

During the current coronavirus pandemic, you need to keep communicating with customers in the right way. Make a clear message that your company is working consistently and taking precautions to keep them safe. 

To do this, you need to identify any concerns your customers may have. Then start communicating with them through all your channels including your social media accounts, newsletters and your website blog. 

Your customers or clients may also need to know about any possible delays or new procedures caused by the current situation before they are surprised by them. 

You also need to keep your customer service employees updated instantly with every decision or update you have about changes in service or precautions. You could also update your website to contain FAQs page for coronavirus related questions. This will make it easier and faster for your customers to get answers. 

Make more payment options available

If your business doesn't already sell online, then you should consider selling online soon. You also need to add more payment options other than cash. 

Credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods through mobile phones and without using cash are very likely to be more demanded right now and in the future as these options are more secure. 

You would also need to make it clear that your business offers safe payment methods whether through your social media or through your website or even at your brick-and-mortar shop. This will grab the attention of many people right now. 

Offer safer delivery and easier returns 

Offer safe delivery and easy returns

Companies delivering products to people's homes are taking rapid steps to help people be safer. They are actively showing what precautions they are taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Precautions can include sanitizing warehouses continuously and sanitizing delivery boxes. Also, educating delivery personnel about taking the necessary precautions for their own safety and the safety of customers is very important.

Another consideration is updating your return policy to make it easier for people to return products.  Some people will also want to cancel a service or a ticket due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Your customers will appreciate your flexibility in dealing with these cancellation requests. This will surely improve customer loyalty and benefit your business in the long run.


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