WD’s My Cloud Mirror Review: Specifications, Prices and More!


The Network-attached storage (NAS) devices have been widely used in the recent years, mainly, but not limited to, as a backup solution. You can find those devices in houses and businesses alike.

WD's My Cloud Mirror Review

The My Cloud Mirror is an entry-level NAS from Western Digital. It is an entry-level NAS that strongly emphasizes the simplicity of use, which makes it suitable for personal purposes.

Specifications of My Cloud Mirror

The My Cloud Mirror is a two-bay storage that comes in three models, depending on the storage capacity; 4TB, 6TB and 8TB. It has 1.3 GHz processor and 512MB memory. There are two USB 3.0 ports, one Gigabit ethernet port and no SD card slot on it.

This NAS device supports RAID-1 configuration, which is good for security reason. If used, RAID-1 will make two copies of each piece of data you store, one copy on each drive. Thus, if one of the two drives fails, you still have a copy of your data as the option is enabled by default. The downside of this configuration is the actual storage capacity, which includes division.


All you have to do to configure the My Cloud Mirror is to connect it to your network via the cable, plug in the power and enter the configuration address on your browser. You will be prompted to create a password to protect the configuration interface. You can start using the device immediately, just download the client apps (mobile and desktop) and start synchronizing photos and files you have.

The My Cloud Mirror NAS comes by default with FTP, HTTP and P2P protocols enabled, if you plan to use them. You can download and use more applications, like Dropbox, Joomla and WordPress.

Advanced features

The most interesting thing in the My Cloud Mirror is its backup capability. You can select one or more folders to be backed up continuously. Those folders will keep five versions for each file.

Another use of the My Cloud Mirror you can adopt is streaming videos. It has the ability to stream Ultra HD video via DLNA media server or by using the iOS My Cloud app. However, using a web browser to play content form the NAS is not easy.


Western Digital has tried to consolidate advanced capabilities, ease of use and affordable price. The My Cloud Mirror 4TB model costs about $310 which is not significantly cheaper than other concurrent NAS devices with more features. You can compare the prices and find best deals of My Cloud Mirror from here.