Four Simple Ways to Extend your Laptop Battery Life



The most common reason for using a laptop is its portability and battery

life which can annoyingly lose life especially when it is needed the most.

Though laptop batteries tend to lose life over a period of time and you can

extend this by taking care of them as lovingly as you would a pet. Some

easy thoughtful methods to extend battery life of your laptop can help you

to send that important email before it is over. The techniques explained

here can help stretch battery life when it is about to switch off and

others are preventive methods for reducing battery drainage. By mixing

these short and long term strategies you can perform more tasks and extract

maximum juice out of laptop batteries.


Keep your laptop on battery saver or Eco mode

When your laptop is in this profile it will make automatic changes to

lengthen the battery life and shift components to low power modes. It will

also ask you to shut down applications and processes that you are not using

to reduce power consumption. It will only retain the activity you are using

continuously and adjust others to less power. Applications like music and

desktop cleaning can cut down battery life so these are also shut down.


Reduce external devices and ports that are not being used

If you are not using any attached devices like USB ports, WiFi and

peripherals like Bluetooth radios, optical drive and external drive then

disable them as these consume power even if they are just plugged into your

laptop. If you have any port attached with extension cord that is not being

used or an unused port you can shut down both of them through Device

Manager which will reduce power drain. When battery is low avoid plugging

in devices like iPod to download or upload music and videos.


Use settings that reduce power consumption

You can keep battery consumption low even while using laptop continuously

by making adjustments to the setting like shutting down backlight on

keyboard and dimming the light on its screen . Maintain reasonable room

temperature and ensure that your laptop’s airvents are not blocked which

causes your computer to overheat and sucks up the battery. Ideally laptops

should be placed on a small table or desk after shut down so they cool off

quickly. Unless you are watching a movie or playing games keep the display

to fifty percent which reduces battery usage.


Do not let the battery drain out completely

Even if you are likely to leave your laptop unused for a few days or weeks

ensure that there is some juice left in it before you shut it down for a

long period of time. While storing a laptop with fully charged batteries

can reduce its lifespan, completely discharged batteries can ruin its life.

The best thing to do under these circumstances is to store the laptop in a

cool place with around fifty percent battery charge.


By eliminating unnecessary applications and using smart functions like auto

save to automatically save work being done on word and excel applications,

you can stretch the last few minutes of your laptop battery life as well.