Wireless Technology


Wireless Technology

Massive improvements in wireless technology have paved the way for new forms of computer networks. It is also the main reason for the widespread popularity of Smartphone and handheld devices. The first outbreak of wireless technology was the introduction of cell phone towers which made the mobile communication possible. Affordable ways of installing, maintaining and providing wireless networks resulted in its mainstream success.

Installation and maintenance of wireless networking requires sufficient knowledge of basic networking and wireless communication technologies.

Types of wireless networks

There are several types of wireless networks and communication technologies based on different principles of exchanging data from one point to another.

Satellite network

It is a wide-spread networking technology which encompasses vast areas of both land and sea. Communication satellites called geostationary satellites are situated in the Earth’s orbit about 22,000 miles away from the land. They use microwave radiations in the form of modulating beams. These beams are received and amplified in the satellite. In the next stage, the amplified signals are transmitted back to the receivers on the Earth. Therefore, there are two basic segments of satellite communication, which are ground segments and space segments.

Space segment is the entire geostationary satellite setup. The ground segment includes various communication equipment such as transmitters and receivers. They can be either stationary or mobile.

Radio broadcasting

The earliest radio communication technology was the one where information was broadcast over a specific frequency channel. FM and AM radios are in use even today for broadcasting entertainment and news programs. Walkie-talkie is used for communication within security, law-enforcement and defense organizations. Sophisticated Ham radios are setup in those areas which are frequently affected by disasters.

Mobile phone network

Handheld devices known as mobile phones can be connected within a particular frequency band. The coverage area of such network towers span across large areas such as a particular neighborhood or locality. Other than towers, satellite signals can be used for mobile communication in remote areas using devices equipped with special GPS technologies.

Wi-Fi networking

It is a commonly found wireless network system which is used in residential, business, educational and public establishments. It transmits low power signals using devices called router which should be connected to internet. Users can connect to routers from their data-enabled hand-held devices when they remain in the proximity area. The range of proximity depends on the size of the router and the speed of connection depends on the broadband and the number of users connected in the network. Wi-Fi networks can be encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access.


Data can be transferred between various devices using a special form of radio communication which is known as Bluetooth. It can be employed in mobile phones to facilitate wireless exchange of information between two devices by first establishing a Bluetooth connection. They can also be used to connect peripheral devices such as wireless headphones, keyboards and mouse. They are also used in automobiles to connect the phone to a music player.