Best Alexa Speakers: Comparison between Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers


If you're looking for the best Alexa-enabled smart speaker, you have a lot of choices, and third-party speakers often fill the gaps that Amazon speakers can't.

But now there are more official Amazon Echo devices than ever before, at great prices featuring premium music quality and smart home technology.

In order to make it easy for you, here you can find a list with the top best available devices along with user guide and how to set up your device when you purchase one of these speakers.

What Can Virtual Assistants Really Do?

What are the best Alexa-supported speakers for most users?


Overall, Amazon Echo 4th-gen is the best deal for $100. Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Gen comes right after for $50, and Sonos One speaker for $200.

Comparison between Amazon Echo speakers to choose the best Alexa device for You


Options may seem abundantly clear. But it's not as easy as it seems to be, and you'll find that once you see how many choices are there. 

Amazon offers more than the half of Alexa-enabled devices with it's unique Echo brand for smart speakers. So what are the differences between them?


alexa echo

Echo devices are designed for large rooms, as there are two speakers; a 2.5-inch and 0.6-inch speaker, which makes it a little big with a 3.4-inch width, and 8.5-inch high. Therefore, you may need a proper space for it.

Echo Dot

alexa echo dot

Echo Dot speakers are designed for small rooms, as it comes with only one speaker which is generally speaking a bit smaller than Echo devices (3.9 inches wide and 1.7 inches high). 

You can buy this device for half the price of the Echo version. Therefore, nothing surprising that Alexa-speakers from Amazon is considered the best-selling.

Echo Plus

alexa echo plus

Echo plus is a smart speaker like Echo devices. But this has the centralized home automation feature, which enables you to control all Alexa compatible devices; including light, thermostat and surveillance cameras. 

It comes with the same dimensions of Echo, but with slightly larger speakers - a 3-inch and 0.8-inch speaker to get a cleaner sound.

Echo Spot


Echo Spot is a smart speaker, very similar to Echo Dot except one feature, which it comes with a 2-5-inches screen, which displays latest news, weather forecast, and songs lyrics. As well as it comes with a built-in camera, which you can use to make videocalls with other compatible devices.

Echo Sport comes with one speaker- 4.1-inches width, 3.8-inches high, and 4, and 4.2-3.6 inches.

Echo Show


The difference between Echo Show and Echo Spot is that it comes with a larger 10 inch display, as it supports HD. 

It also features a built-in 5MP camera, which you can use to make video calls with other compatible devices. Echo show comes with two 2-inch speaker-9.7-inch width, 6.9-inch high, and 4.2-inch thick.

Amazon Echo Studio


The Studio category is a great attempt to lure audiophiles in, at a price that makes the Echo Studio a serious threat to Sonos, HomePod, and other competitors. 

While the sound quality isn't fully integrated, it's rich and comprehensive — and sounds especially great when combined with Amazon Music's new UHD subscription for amazing sound clarity.

Echo Auto


Echo Auto is designed as a car virtual assistant, as it can be connected to the Internet via your smartphone. 

This device does not contain a built-in speaker; However, it can be used to connect with speakers in your car via Bluetooth or by sound cable -if your car supports any of these features. It comes with 3.3-inch width and 1.9-inch thick.

How to set up Echo speakers?

Without further ado, once you have got the speakers and plugged it in electricity, follow the next steps.

Connecting and setting up Alexa smart speakers


Firstly, you will need to download Amazon Alexa app from Google Store for Android users or Apple Store for iPhone users. 

Once you open the app and sign in using your Amazon account, click on Devices option then (+) icon on the top-right of your screen. 

You will see a long list of devices, now select your Echo device from the list.

Setting up the default music service on Amazon Echo


Generally, many people buy Echo device as a music player. Once the device is connected to the Amazon Echo app, it does it's job by accessing your Amazon music playlist.

If you have an Amazon subscription, you will get Amazon Prime music. Otherwise, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited. 

You can connect Echo to your Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music account and select one of those services as the default music player.

In order to do so, you need to follow next steps; open Alexa app, more, settings, music and podcast (Under Alexa Preferences), then choose your favorite music player service. 

Choose and set up your daily Amazon Echo news feed


Here are the voice commands you need to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

"Alexa, play my flash briefings" or "Alexa, play the news"

In order to select your news sources, follow the next few steps; Open the Alexa app, settings, tap news. You can choose from a set of different news services including ;(BBC News, Sky News, CNBC News, and Etc...) 

Sync Alexa with Google, iCloud and Outlook accounts

Amazon Echo is very convenient and useful when it comes to keeping you up to date with your to-do list. Moreover, it can help you manage your daily activities with Google, Outlook or iCloud calendar. You can ask Alexa to check your schedule to find out what you have on a given day at a given time.

In order to set up this feature, you need to follow the next few steps; open the Alexa app, Settings, Select Calendar.

You will have to give permission to the app to access your calendar. Also, you can set a default calendar in Alexa to add any coming events.

Connecting Alexa with smart home devices and add more features

What makes Alexa stand out is the possibility to add more tasks to do using Amazon skills store. 

For example, Alexa Guard that turns Smart Echo speakers into a security device to your home against any theft or burglary into attempts. 

There's another unique feature Alexa has. is communication and control of all smart home devices, but these devices should be Alexa compatible and most are. And through the application, you can add and connect all home appliances.

How to prevent Alexa from purchasing from Amazon by sound commands?

All Amazon Echo devices are set to purchase from Amazon effortlessly by default. To disable this feature, in case you have children at home, follow the few next steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app, plus, tap the settings.
  2. Select account settings, voice purchasing.
  3. Click the toggle beside purchase by voice to disable the feature, or you can enter a code to be required when purchasing.