Top 6 GPS Apps to Locate and Track Family and Friends

Android GPS apps

If you think there may be GPS and navigation features you aren't taking advantage of, you're right. There are great GPS applications for Android with great features to enjoy This includes sharing location with friends and family, tracking them when you need to, navigating rural locations and much more. Today, we discuss Android GPS apps that give you the ability to track family and friends and share locations to improve everyone's safety.

Glympse GPS App

Glympse GPS location intelligence

Glympse is an app that is dedicated to location sharing. It has become a very successful app on Google Play. Since it is one of the apps especially designed for this purpose, you can expect a great experience if you want to share locations with friends and family. One of the greatest pros of this application is that its tracking feature doesn't require the tracking person to download the app. So in case you want to share your location urgently with anyone, you can simply send them a link and they would be able to track your location. They don't need to download anything. The app automatically disables location sharing after a set period of time. This is so your location is not exposed to unwanted people or for unwanted periods of time. 

Geo Tracker 

Geo Tracker GPS tracker

Geo Tracker is another great GPS tracking app for Android that you should consider. And while it works for any environment, the app is mainly designed to work well in the wilderness. The app sets your location in the map. It also shows your speed, altitude and even slope inclination, which is useful for hikers and mountain climbers. The tracks can be saved offline for later use or to be imported into another application like Google Earth and Ozi Explorer, using the GPX and KML formats. It also supports Yandex Maps for the locations the maps are available in This means more useful features for location marking brought by Yandex. The app also supports regular location sharing with friends and family in any location. 

Google Maps

Google maps GPS

Google maps is the most widely used navigation app on Android. This is because it comes from Google, the company behind Android, preloaded on nearly every Android device out there. The usability and reliability of Google Maps is also one of the reasons people don't try other GPS apps. Among many features the app offers is location sharing. It works very well and it's useful in many scenarios. For example, a group of friends or colleagues who are meeting somewhere can share their locations to know where their friends are at. There is also another feature called Google Family Group. Adding members to this group (e.g,  your kids) will give you the ability to track their location. This is useful to ensure the safety of your children at all times.

Geozilla GPS App 

Geozilla GPS App

Geozilla family GPS locator is another great location sharing app. The app is built to share location in a smart way, in order to save your phone battery life. When you share your location with someone, Geozilla updates your location only when the change in distance is above a certain threshold. This means the app will consume less energy as it doesn't need to update your location continuously. Another great features is the alerts feature which notifies you when your family member or friend reaches a predefined destination. The app also saves the history of your location for a full week. In addition, you can assign location-based tasks to members in your group. So when a member reaches a certain location, the app notifies them that they need to do a certain task.

Family Locator

Family locator

As the name suggests, Family Locator is an Android GPS application focused on location sharing between family members. What is great about this app is that it lets all family members join, then they can view each other's locations in real-time through the app, at any instance. This can work for kids, but it can also work for families wanting something that works specifically like this, to let all members know their locations at any time. Additionally, the app offers a messaging service built in the app to contact other family members. The app also has a SOS feature, which is a simple button that shares the location of the kid or family member with other members on the map once clicked. 

Another great feature is that the app allows setting a push notification to be sent whenever a member or a kid reaches a predefined destination. You can also create boundaries and limits with notifications to be sent when the kid goes outside the boundaries. One of the best uses for this feature and the app as a whole can  be for trips, to keep kids safe and free at the same time. 

Life360 GPS App

Life360 GPS app

Life360 is another great location sharing and GPS Android application with great features. The app calls its sharing groups Circles. You can create circles with family members and friends and track each other. You can define parameters for location sharing with each circle. For example, you join your colleagues circle during the day and your family circle in the evening. This can be set to happen automatically at specific times and specific days. One of the best features in this app is that Circle members can mark locations on the map and create a custom map that is only visible to them. They can also use the built-in chat to get in touch quickly. 

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