Top 12 tools to work from home and manage remote teams

work from home tools

The global pandemic of 2020 was a wake-up call that prompted organizations worldwide to embrace working remotely. Even organizations with the strictest of policies conceded the remote work model and allowed, and is still allowing, employees to work from home. This major shift in work attitude gave rise to many tools used to facilitate working from home, as well as team and project management. Here is a list of the top 12 tools that fit all remote-working teams.

Project management and task assignment tools to work from home


wrike project management software

Wrike is one of the best tools to efficiently manage projects and teams remotely using a simple, interactive interface that offers various features. It also offers time-tracking tools, task management, data reports, as well as many other functions that can be integrated with the platform by installing third-party applications.

Price: Free version available, $10 monthly per team user.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android


ClickUP best freelancer project management tool

ClickUp proved itself an efficient and effective project management tool that is sure to make your work from home life a lot easier. It offers a wealth of features, such as document management, reminders, goal setting, calendars, reports, text messaging, and even emails. You name it, ClickUp has it. The platform is convenient for a wide range of work domains and can also manage large teams. You can easily customize the application interface by adding only the features you need and eliminating all others. Impressively, there are over 20 task viewing options, which saves you the trouble of using other apps such as Trello and Jira.

Price: a free version is available for personal use, $5 monthly per team user.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.



Trello stood the test of time as a hassle-free project management tool with a simple, friendly interface that only includes the absolute basics.

Price: a free version is available for personal use, $5 monthly per small-team user.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android.

Honorable Mentions is the perfect solution if your line of work has you dealing with documents only. It provides a smart, comprehensive platform to manage all sorts of documents. You can’t go wrong with GitHub to manage programming and development projects. There is also Google’s Workspace and Microsoft’s Teams.

Remote teams’ communication tools


Slack remote team communication tool

If you need to formulate communication channels between different teams working on the same project to share files and progress, Slack is the platform you need. You can divide channels into workspaces and assign a dedicated workspace for each team to work from home. Slack supports plenty of third-party extensions such as Google Drive and Salesforce.

Price: Free version available, $6 monthly per team user.

Available on: Windows | Mac| iOS | Android.


krisp background noise remover

Do you need a tool to eliminate background noise during calls and put an end to those embarrassing situations during work meetings? Krisp works like magic to eliminate noise so you can enjoy clear sound phone calls. You have to try the tool to truly appreciate how effective it can be. Krisp uses artificial intelligence to recognize the sound of your voice and remove other sounds when you work from home.

Price: Free version available, $3.33 monthly for premium features.

Available on: Mac | Windows.

File and document sharing tools to work from home

Google Drive

Google Drive work from home

Google Drive is among the most popular tools that teams use to store and share files. You can use it to share documents, audio, videos, presentations, and photos with your team. Furthermore, data hosted on Google Drive is very secure. You have control over who to share your data with and who can access your folders.

Price: 15 GBs are initially available for free and can be expanded if needed.

$8 monthly per team user + $1 for extra 25GBs. This subscription is limited to Google Workspace for project management.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.


Dropbox work remotely

Dropbox is an excellent alternative for cloud storage, file sharing, and editing needs for those who do not prefer to use Google services. However, in my opinion, working with Google’s integrated services, such as Google Docs, provides a more comprehensive working environment for handling files compared to Dropbox.

Price: $12.50 monthly for 5000GBs available to small-size teams.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.

Project time tracking tools to work from home


track remote work time with toggle

Toggle is a simple time management tool for remote teams. You can use it to track actual work hours in real time so you can measure your productivity and avoid wasting your team’s valuable time. You can track time for all tasks with a simple click. In addition, the application has a built-in reminder that notifies you if you forget to set the timer or neglect to stop it for a more accurate watch over working hours.

Price: Free version available. $17 monthly for 20 team users.

Available on:  iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.


TimeCamp time tracking for projects

With this time-tracking tool, you no longer need managers to guess the tasks that your team is working on. TimeCamp offers hand-on monitoring features to track task time, provide data reports, and even billing.

Price: Free version available, $10 monthly for the Pro version.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.

Meeting scheduling tools to work from home


remote work meeting scheduling app

10to8 is more than just a scheduling tool. This amazing application allows you to schedule and attend virtual meetings by fully supporting and integrating both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 10to8 can manage team members even if they are scattered around the globe in different time zones, which makes it easier to coordinate and collaborate between managers and teams. The instant online scheduling feature allows clients to manage their appointments, as well as track audience and report absentees, follow up on services, and track employee performance data.

Price: Free version available, $9.6 monthly for 100 appointments per month.

Available on:  iOS | Android.

Team collaboration tools to work from home


Miro online whiteborad

A cloud-based platform to create a collaborative environment similar to the meeting room in an actual workplace. There is a whiteboard to share and explain ideas, sticky notes to brainstorm and think collaboratively, and many features that facilitate the planning phase and apply agile mythologies to ensure the work runs smoothly. Other users can write down ideas and create templates on the whiteboard so other team members can view. Other notable features include video calls and text messaging. File sharing of images and documents is also possible by uploading or sharing via Google Drive.

Price: Free version available, $8 monthly per team user.

Available on: browser | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.

Technical support and remote screen-sharing tools to work from home


Team viewer screen sharing

TeamViewer is great for remote support and screen sharing. It also offers enterprise features. Originally developed for technical support teams, its user-friendly design made TeamViewer a popular choice for all users. Team members can now cooperate, provide support, record screen activity, and synchronize sessions using cloud sharing.

Price: Free version available, $19.11 for Premium version, $36.19 for up to 15 users.

Available on: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows.

Other similar tools include Screenleap and