Metaverse: 6 Things Everyone Should Know About It

virtual connection is evolving

Technological advancements don't seem to be reaching an end. A few decades ago people were fascinated by what computers could do. A decade ago we began to integrate phones into our lives bit by bit, with social media growing into our habits. Now, we have a new comer called Metaverse. There are promises of a complete virtual world, brought by one of the largest tech companies in the world, Facebook, which changed its name to Meta. So what is this all about? We have some facts here that explain everything hot about the Metaverse.

The word is becoming part of people's culture quickly

use of the term metaverse

It took Facebook years to be known by millions of people around the world, but that is not the case with Zuckerberg's new project, the Metaverse. With huge media coverage, people are already talking about the Metaverse after Zuckerberg's presentation. He demonstrated both ready and potential features of the technology. Now, the word Metaverse has become very widely trending and known by millions around the world. Thanks to people's attachment to social media and digital driven entertainment, the Metaverse seems to have a great audience even before it is fully here. Facebook changing its name to Meta was also a cool move from Zuckerberg to make the whole world speak about his new venture.

The Metaverse is not that hard to understand

understanding the metaverse

In the simplest terms, the Metaverse is a whole digital world where people exist through avatars, instead of profiles, and can interact with things using VR headsets. It is like a large Virtual Reality game that focuses on socializing. The activities that you can do in VR are unlimited. There can be activities that are added at any moment, like anything in the digital world. And since you will be roaming this digital world, meeting friends online (who will actually just meet your avatar), it is very likely that you will meet many businesses along your way. 

You're probably going to have to engage with it

probably have to engage with metaverse

While you may not be very interested in wearing VR glasses and diving into a social game where you can buy things and hang out with people, you may end up dealing with the Metaverse, or at least one of the metaverses. While Facebook is spending billions of dollars to bring the Metaverse to life, it is most likely not going to be the only Metaverse. Huge companies are building their own metaverses, including the chip giant Nvidia and gaming giant Epic Games. So while there is a chance you won't engage with Facebook's Metaverse, you may end up engaging with another virtual world for many possible reasons.

The Metaverse isn't yet looking amazing

the metaverse isn't yet looking amazing

Regardless of how famous it has become, Facebook's current version of the Metaverse isn't looking that great. However, with huge investments being poured, and people who seem quite excited, we can expect this to change in the near future. For many people, this can mean you shouldn't be rushing to join the Metaverse yet. But for businesses, it could be the right time to start building solutions for the future. 

It is all about having fun

metaverse is all about having fun

Facebook's Metaverse isn't supposed to be bringing anything serious. It is all about entertainment and having fun until the moment. Beside the famous video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas being coming to it, most of the other announced activities are focused on socializing and entertainment. There are already a few things to buy and games to play in the Metaverse if you can't wait for it to become better and want to try something now.

The Metaverse makes our future questionable

future with the metaverse

Technology has had an overall positive impact on our lives, no question. However, the expansion of technologies, especially ones involving human interactions and over-commercialisation is questionable. This is because we could still be unready for the responsibilities that come with that. Also, one of the most burning questions is: who controls this virtual world? With Facebook itself being one of the most controversial tech companies that people trust less than others, the Metaverse could bring much more than fun in the future.

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