Best 5 Smart Doorbells Anyone Can Afford

Best 5 Smart Doorbells Anyone Can Afford

Doorbells with smart capabilities are in hot demand from many people. A smart doorbell can be a great investment for your home considering the various advantages it offers.

Smart doorbells are typically equipped with a camera, which helps you prevent theft from the front door. Some smart doorbells record any activities at the front door and even send you mobile notifications for certain incidents. Some smart doorbells also have a speaker and a microphone. For example, you can ask your visitors to wait a bit until you get to them if you can't quickly rush to the door.

Nest Hello Smart Doorbell 

Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

Nest Hello is one of the best video smart doorbells available in the market. It has an impressive video quality and an excellent microphone with clear sound. Being a Google product, Nest Hello is impressive in recognizing faces of people at the door. It also comes with Google Assistant installed. As an extra feature, the smart doorbell supports Amazon Alexa. 

Nest Hello comes with a 160 degree-wide camera with 1600 x 1200 resolution. This is sufficient for most doorways. The facial recognition and the quality of this doorbell makes it one of the best choices for anyone looking to buy one soon. One downside of this smart doorbell is that the videos are produced in very large sizes. So you will need large storage to store them. Another downside is that the doorbell needs wired connection, which is not the best option out there when it comes to connectivity. 

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Smart Doorbell 4

Another great choice with impressive video quality is the Ring Video Doorbell 4. It offers 1080p video resolution and a 160 degree-camera for wide spotting. The smart doorbell also supports Google Assistant and Alexa. This is great for users of either assistants from Amazon or Google. 

One of the greatest features of this doorbell is that it allows both wired and wireless connectivity. This gives you full choices for your doorbell setup, which is great. The smart doorbell also supports integration with a wide range of products. The manufacturer, Ring, has included many features to make this doorbell a great option for those aspiring to transform their houses into smart homes. 

On the other hand, the greatest cons of this Ring doorbell is that it offers no end-to-end encryption. This is an essential security feature for such products to make them safe. Additionally, the doorbell has a small vertical field of view, despite its 160 degrees horizontal view camera. 

Arlo Video Smart Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell comes with a 1536 by 1536 resolution and a wide camera with 180 degrees diagonal view. The doorbell has great audio and video recording experience. It also pairs with excellent AI capable of detecting people, packages and animals to keep your home safe. This will keep you more aware of your visitors even if you are away. It also integrates with a great mobile app that has most of the features you would want from it. The downside of this is that many features need a subscription. You will end up paying too much if you want all of the features. 

The doorbell supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which is great, but its connectivity is limited to wired connectivity only. This can be annoying to people wanting their smart homes to be completely wireless.

Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Ring Doorbell Pro 2

If you want great video quality and great viewing angles horizontally and vertically, you need to consider the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 as a great choice for your home. It comes with 1536 by 1536 pixels resolution, with a field of view of 150 by 150 degrees for wide horizontal and vertical recording and detection. The viewing angle of this doorbell will enable you to see more of your doorway than many other competitors. It also has a great slim design and customizable motion detection zones for better control over security. The downside of this product is that it doesn't have a battery and it only works through a wired connection. This is not really great for a wireless smart home. 

Ring Doorbell Pro 2 also lacks advanced detection features like detecting packages and notifying you. This is a hot feature that many people want in their smart doorbells. 

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Logitech Circle View

Logitech is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to video-enabled smart devices and computer cameras. Naturally, it also makes video-enabled smart doorbells. 

Logitech Circle View Doorbell provides 1200 by 1600 resolution and the standard 160 degrees of view for its camera. It integrates with Apple HomeKit and offers great video quality. The design is nice and slim. As one of the very few doorbells that support HomeKit from Apple, it can be a great option for Apple fans. The smart doorbell provides great video quality and affordable storage. Storage plans start at $3 per month for 10 days of video. This is a good deal especially that videos come at a good quality.

The verdict

Smart doorbells come with many options

Just like many other things in life, there is no perfect smart doorbell. However, there are many great options to choose from, each with its own unique qualities. Some smart doorbells have great video quality, others have awesome viewing angles both horizontally and vertically.

Smart doorbells come with many options for integration and support of virtual assistants,. They also come with many plans for video storage with various pricing and qualities.

Other factors include security standards, AI-powered capabilities such as motion detection, and package and people recognition. You should consider all these factors when buying a new smart doorbell for your home.

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