5 Cloud Solutions Every Small Business Should Consider

5 Cloud Solutions Every Small Business Should Consider

Every year, numerous new businesses start to use cloud solutions for storage. The cloud storage industry is booming with incredible investments made to meet the huge demand. 

The growth of cloud solutions was expected, due to the great benefits such solutions can offer businesses. These include better security, easier scalability, lower initial investments and great flexibility. 

Today we share our top picks of cloud solutions you can consider for your business if you are ready to choose a service. 

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business cloud solutions

Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud solutions provider. It offers cloud storage for personal use with access on computers and phones. The service offers free storage to attract individual customers.

Dropbox for Business supports up to 1 TB per user, which can be more than enough for small businesses.

At an affordable price, the service enables business managers to monitor activity and have an administration dashboard to control everything related to the cloud storage, including advanced security settings. 

One of the features that are valuable to most businesses and not only small ones is that Dropbox For Business lets you recover and track previous versions of files. This is an important feature in cloud services.

Dropbox for Business offers flexible plans. This makes it very affordable if you buy it for a few employees.

SugarSync for Business

SugarSync for Business cloud solutions

SugarSync for Business is another cloud service that targets small businesses with storage, syncing and collaboration features.

The service offers features like the ones offered by Google Drive. You can share files directly via link. 

With this service, your employees will be able to share large or small files easily. It also offers great Outlook plugin that stores files from Outlook mails directly, without affecting your storage quota.

SugarSync is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Your employees can work from anywhere and on any device.

Google Drive

Google Drive cloud solutions are one of the most famous

Google Drive is one of the most widely used cloud storage services on the planet. Services offered to small businesses are interesting to consider.

One of the greatest features of Google Drive are the extremely helpful web apps forming the GSuite. These are directly integrated into the Google Drive service.

Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are alternatives to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

The apps work in any browser to let you edit and collaborate on documents easily.

You can add comments, suggest edits, download the file, share a link with specific privileges and even take advantage of add-ons that can boost your productivity. 

The idea of having a full set of apps makes Google Drive an extremely helpful solution that individuals already use and not only businesses. 

Google Drive, being clearly using Google servers, offers nearly unnoticeable downtime. So you can expect the secure service to be available whenever you need it.

It also lets you upload files of any type with minimum limitations for security reasons.

Google even pushes the limits of making you more productive with the ability to preview files you can't open like Photoshop and Illustrator project files. 

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another widely used cloud solution offered by the giant company. You probably have heard of it because it is preinstalled with Windows 10 and some mobile phones like Samsung ones. 

OneDrive gives you the freedom to buy one of the flexible packages. You can then store files with no limitations and share them with your team.

It is also available on Android, iOS Mac and Windows. So anyone will be able to collaborate from anywhere and on any device. 

For better collaboration, OneDrive integrates with Office 365 to give features similar to Google Drive with GSuite.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and their web versions (paid ones) are available to purchase through one subscription to take full advantage of the collaboration features they offer. 

Share files, edit them directly on the cloud, and work together with other people. Microsoft takes advantage of owning Windows operating system and offers a feature called 'fetch'. 

The fetch feature lets you access files on your computer without being stored in OneDrive, just directly.

All you need is a synced computer that is connected to the internet. This is a very cool and unique feature for OneDrive users that you may like to have with the cloud solution you are choosing. 



SpiderOak is one of the cloud storage solutions that promotes itself as a solution focused around security.

The service offers a Zero-Knowledge Environment for its users. This means it doesn't store passwords on its servers, so they can never be hacked. 

Having your passwords stored in the servers of the cloud solution company means that access to your password from inside the company is possible.

By storing your password on your own computer, that is another level of security. No one outside your business can have access to your business files in any way unless knowing your password. 

The downside here is that if you forgot the password, your data is gone for good. You can never have access to it again in any way.

SpiderOak is very affordable as it gives you 1TB of storage for only $12 per month. Fair enough. 

The Verdict 

There are many cloud storage solutions that are available for businesses. Some of them suit small businesses like the ones we have shared here. 

Cloud solutions coming from big companies offer very competitive prices with solutions worth considering to boost your productivity.

Other services promise things that aren't available with storage solutions from big companies, leaving the choice for you to make. 

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