Setting Up Your VoIP Device


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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol basically gives you the option to make phone calls to any part of the world using the Internet. The number you call does not necessarily have to be equipped with VoIP. As compared to the local telephone service, the cost of operating VoIP is usually lower and it also allows you to hold on to your current phone number. You could pick a new number as well with a location or area code in any part of the country. Below are some guidelines which can help you in setting up your VoIP device.

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Steps for setting up VoIP device

1. It is important to know that a typical PSTN phone cannot be used till it particularly states Skype or VoIP. Therefore in order to operate an analog phone as your VoIP phone, it has to be connected to a VoIP adapter.

2. The phone adapter which you receive from your VoIP company should come with an instructions manual to educate you about how set it up. While certain phone adapters are designed to be connected between the router/computer and cable modem, others need to be connected to a router supplied by you. You simply need to look into the instructions provided.

3. Next you need to create a connection by linking to Line 1 on the phone adapter with the help of a traditional phone line.

4. Plug in the power line to the phone adapter’s back and connect the plug to the outlet on the wall. This will supply power to the phone adapter. This should be left plugged in all the time for maintaining smooth phone service. After a few minutes the phone adapter will start.

5. There could be several updates that can be downloaded like change in existing features, new firmware etc. These get automatically downloaded.  Don’t unplug the power supply going to the adapter or the supply of ISP to the modem as it will interrupt the downloading process.

6. Check for the dial tone by picking up the telephone receiver. If a dial tone can be heard, it means the installation is complete you can start making calls.