10 Beyond-Basic Photography Tips


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Photography is a great passion, there is always something to know when you are on your road to become a professional photographer. Those 10 advanced tips can come in handy for you.

  1. Use Raw format. Most digital cameras are configured by default to use JPG format as it is convenient to share. A Raw file is an untouched file that contains the image as the camera’s sensor captured it. It offers more flexibility to control and process the image.
  2. Move the flash off the camera. This way you have more control when dealing with the direction and the quality of the light.
  3. Make use of different lenses. Specialized lenses are really useful. Choose a sharp macro lens when shooting on small objects so they fill the frame; on the other hand, use systems like Lensbaby to adjust the plane of focus.
  4. Clean your sensors. Dust is generally invisible at wider apertures, but this is not the case with small ones. Make sure to use specialized products to clean your lenses.
  5. Zoom the exposure. This technique requires some practice to master it. What you have to do is apply a zoom while setting the shutter speed to be a longer exposure. This technique is also used, with the flash disabled, to capture fireworks.
  6. Use a comfortable strap. There is a multitude of strap options that are more comfortable than the neck one. Those will be practical if you’re going to be doing a lot of shooting.
  7. Process Raw images. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is your best option to do so. Lightroom edits are not destructive, meaning that the original raw image is not modified. The program records a list of changes and apply them on the input (Raw file) to obtain JPG or TIF version in the output.
  8. Post process your images. Sometimes processing images with Lightroom is not enough for you. You can use Google Nik Collection or MacPhun if you’re looking for a specific changes that Lightroom can’t do.
  9. Print Your Work. There are plenty of inkejt printers you can use to print nice photos, but a dedicated printing service is a must if you are looking for the best results out there.
  10. Choose when to upgrade your Camera. You don’t always have to have a cutting edge camera to take great photos. It is better to choose a higher-class camera, rather than a higher-resolution one of the same class.

Source: 10 Beyond-Basic Photography Tips