Rack Cabinets


Rack cabinets are helpful in storing sensitive electronic equipment. Their designs are optimized so they have adequate cooling, airflow, cable management and power solutions. While rack cabinets were originally made to hold data centers, today, many SMBs that have complex networks make use of racks to create an additional layer of security, restrict access of hardware to selected people, optimize floor space and give it a professional appearance.

Server cabinet

Rack cabinet purchase considerations

When it comes to deciding the size of the rack cabinet you will have to evaluate the equipment that goes with the rack mount and the overall space requirement of the rack enclosure. You will have to estimate how many rack units are required before purchase, and may have to also factor in additional rack unit requirements from future expansion as once they’re installed, you will not be able to include additional rack units, unless you buy a new rack system.

Most server and communication equipment are made such that they can adapt to rack systems. If you are looking to move your equipment to a rack cabinet, it is essential to see that the two are compatible. Usually, cabinets fabricated by the same manufacturer as that of the equipment, make a good match. Rack cabinets are offered in lightweight models that are usually meat for IT connectivity and cabling equipment. These structures have accompanying trays and cable management options to easily house wiring, equipment and panels. Serve rack cabinets are among the more sturdy structures that are made to hold heavier loads, with lesser cable management features. These rack cabinets have bigger depth so they can house the server and wiring easily within their frame. These cabinets generally have mesh doors on either ends to allow adequate air circulation in the enclosure to prevent heating.

Rack cabinets can be easily found online by typing in “electronic enclosures”, “server rack cabinet”, “vented server rack” or “open frame server rack”. You can also specify based on the specific rack cabinet installation by specifying if it is free-standing or wall-mounted, based on your requirement.