What is Broadband?



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Broadband is a term which is very often heard with the term high speed internet connection. Before the introduction of wireless and fiber optic technologies, broadband only referred to cable line and DSL based connections which were much faster than the dial-up connection.


Bandwidth or speed is used to determine the capacity of an internet connection to handle the exchange of data. Higher bandwidth or speed means that the data is exchanged faster. The amount of bandwidth is indicated in terms of bits per second or bps. Even though latency is an important factor that determines the speed of a connection, the speed of download is directly dependent upon the bps of a connection.

Upstream and Downstream

Internet is nothing but a stream of data in bits which flow between the source and destination. When the data flows from source to destination, the data is said to be flowing in a downstream. Such flow of data is also known as download. When the data flows from destination to source, the data is said to be flowing in an upstream. It is also known as uploading which is mostly used for uploading file to some website.

Video streaming is a phenomenon in which a video is an upstream from the user. When we talk of internet traffic, we usually refer to the downstream flow of data to various endpoints accessing the internet. Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a common upstream to all users of internet with a subscription for internet access.


We already know about how bandwidth can determine the speed of an internet connection, but there is another factor that must be considered. Latency is the amount of delay that occurs between the end points of an internet connection. The smaller the latency, the better the internet experience. High latency is the reason why we experience voice delays in internet calls and online gaming.


A server is where all the information about the website is stored. That information can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection. The internet can be broadly defined as a system of computers which help establish the connection between two end points of communication. Internet is in essence a vast amount of servers which contain all the data that we need to access.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is now a major phenomenon in the computing world and one of the main reasons why we need a high speed broadband. It provides remote access to personal data which is stored in user accounts situated in a secured server. When files are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. GDrive and Dropbox are some examples of cloud services.