Blade Servers


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Blade servers consist of many modular circuit blades referred to as server blades. The chassis can hold about 2-24 blades in these systems. Each of these blade servers may be designated for a specific application. They can contain memory, processors, network controllers, I/O ports, and so on. The advantage of blade servers is that they help better-manage the rack space while allowing for increased processing power. Cabling is reduced by nearly 85 percent with companies that switch to blade installations from tower or 1U servers. This means infrastructure can be easily managed, while it also bringing down power consumption.

Why blade servers?


Blade servers generally make use of a network of servers to carry out single tasks like serving and caching web pages, sharing files, SSL encryption, streaming video or audio online and trans-coding web pages. When a mid-sized business enterprise has a new server installed in the data center, there are various connections to be made such as the mouse, monitor, keyboard, network connection, storage connection, power cables and so on. Setting up these individual connections for each of its servers can be tedious. Having a blade server means that it can be consolidated under each type for ease of management.

Blade servers vs standalone units

Blade servers have many benefits over their standalone counterparts. They act as a closed loop that offers a sound and speedy connection between various units. Since there are no knotted cables to deal with they offer better space management. They have lesser heat dissipation and lesser power usage benefits. It is easier to handle the overall infrastructure and it requires minimum administration, as there are lesser parts that can malfunction, making for easy maintenance as well.

Purchasing a blade server

A common misconception is that blade servers are required only in large-sized businesses, and is not made for small enterprises, but this is far from the truth. Blade servers are a good pick for any business which uses over three servers. Searching for a “Blade server buyer guide” or a “how to buy” search should present you with a good number of options online.