Desktop Computers


Desktop Computers

While desktops no longer lead the buyer market share as they did about a decade ago, and although mobile phones and smartphones are shadowing them for the most part today, there are some places where desktop computers are still indispensable. In the professional sphere and institutions, desktops are preferred due to their easy upgradable features, familiarity of use, and robust performance, to name a few.

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Compact desktop computers

These are a good choice for users who want a compact PC that noiselessly operates and is integrated with energy-efficient components. With these smaller PCs it is essential to lookout for the ports; make sure it offers adequate connectivity features. Most of them come with a VGA port, alongside 6 or so USB 2.0 ports, while some even have HDMI ports.

All-in-one desktop computers

These PCs have all components snugly mounted behind the monitor. The advantage of these PCs is you don’t have to wrestle out chords from a tangled web to set it up, but simply plug in the power chord to get it working. All-in-one PCs even have touchscreens that allow users to easily interact with media, while enjoying all the benefits of a traditional PC. Many of these PCs have Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi connectivity, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

Tower desktop computers

You can choose from budget tower models that have mini-towers and fewer drivers, if you are looking for an inexpensive option. While they may limit entertainment functionality, they may be just what you need if you’re looking at a device for basic word processing and emailing, and watching videos online or DVDs occasionally. Mainstream tower desktops cost more than budget PCs, but have faster processors and better performance. The discrete graphics card allows users to easily play media files without any hiccups. At the higher end of the price scale, you have performance PCs with full towers, an array of expansion slots and drive bays. These are suited for those who need to carry out high-resolution video or photo editing.

Just do a search that has desktop computers with the required features and you should be able to find a number of options to compare and choose.