External Drives


External drives give users access to nearly unlimited storage option. The extended or auxiliary storage lets users back up their data on computer or cloud, in case either of them are lost. There are numerous options to choose from if you’re considering purchasing an external drive. You will have to weigh in factors like the amount of storage space you require, whether the external drive needs encryption options (for additional security), whether it needs to be light (for easy transportation), and such before narrowing in on one. Here’s a look at some of the uses of external drives.

WD MyBook 320GB Pro

Storage capacity-You may wonder why one needs external drives when you already have a flash drive. The answer is simple; external drives can support larger storage capacities than the usual flash drive, they are available in sizes of 1Tb or greater. This can especially be helpful if you want to store movies and heavy video files, which tend to take up a lot of space.

Speed-External drives operate at high speeds. If speed is of importance to you, choose drives with higher RPM speeds, so they can read or copy data faster.

Portability-External drives are easily portable; users can carry them along everywhere they go. You can then plug it into any device, and access he data instantly. Usually, laptop external drives are smaller than desktop drives. Laptop drives are also made such that they can deal with impact shocks during transportation without suffering any damage.

How to choose an external hard drive?

While purchasing an external hard drive, make sure you look for one that is compatible with your PC or Mac. While there are hard drives that are compatible with Macs and PCs, some other models have specific designs that can be used on only one of the makes. A good practice is to search “external hard drive for Mac” or “external hard drive for PC”, so you find the right options. You can even specify the storage capacity of the external hard drive such as “1 TB external hard drive”, while carrying out an online search.