New Wearable Smart Shirts to Track your Fitness


Using technology while exercising is not unusual; most of us use a gadget or app to track our steps, monitor our heart beat and gauge the number of calories burnt. However, to gather this data, you have to attach a gadget or phone to your body as you exercise. The addition of this gadget can be bothersome as you are constantly adjusting the device or checking on the device to ensure that you haven’t lost it as you run across the park. Not any longer! A wearable smart shirt can track your fitness levels without needing any bulky addition to your body.

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How it works?

Wearable smart shirts are infused with textile sensors. These sensors work with in-built apps or an app of your choosing to monitor your fitness levels as you go through your exercise routine. This information varies from the number of calories burnt to monitoring the heart rate. It also has features and functionality such as footfall pattern and cadence metronome. These two features will indicate the efficiency of the run, which will help in improving your running form. The cadence metronome will help you run better by adding rhythm with the aid of the metronome. 

Feature of wearable smart shirts

Glow shirts: Wearable smart shirts offer fitness enthusiasts a variety of features such as Glow Smart Shirt. These shirts have LED lights that allow runners to run without worrying about being hit by cars.

Biometric shirts: Instead of pulling on multiple gadgets in addition to your clothes to monitor and track your exercise and heart rate, you can simply pull on a Biometric shirt and start exercising. These sensors collect information from various parts of your body in real time.  You can use the log created to show personal trainers helping you bulk up or slim down.

This data will generate understanding of which form of exercise is most effective and allow you to tweak your exercise program to achieve the best results. The data collected is also useful to show the doctor in case you have a medical condition.

Temperature control shirts: If you are running in cold weather and are worried about your dropping core temperature or if you are running in hot weather and overheating or de-hydrating. The smart temperature control shirts will help you maintain heart beats and body temperature as you exercise.

Types of wearable smart technology

Wearable smart technology is available in different forms, for both men and women. Wearable technology includes more than shirts to monitor your fitness levels. You can also buy wearable sport bras and socks.  The sport bra is an alternate to the smart shirt for women while the socks register footfall patterns to help you discern how you run and whether you can improve your running form to achieve better results.

In short, wearable smart technology is useful for fitness conscious, athletes and individuals with medical conditions. These devices will collect fitness data and provide you with stats, facts and other relevant data in real time. It will help improve your form and motivate you to exercise more often to improve your fitness levels.