Razer Tomahawk ATX Case Review: Pros & Cons

Razer Tomahawk ATX Case Review

Razer products are usually very interesting to consider, and Razer Tomahawk ATX case is no different. Considering its price, the case delivers great features to gamers and PC enthusiasts, while also having some downsides.

In this review, we explain how it does that in a typical Razer way. 

The Inside of Razer Tomahawk ATX

The inside of Razer Tomahawk ATX

The inside of the case has space for up to 280 millilitres wide E-ATX motherboards. For this you have to be okay with removing the cable management cover. But if you don't want to remove this cover, you should consider a standard width ATX motherboard. For GPUs, cards up to 38.4 centimetres can fit into this beast. At the same time, coolers shouldn't be taller than 17.6 centimetres. 

The magnetic door of the PSU can be flipped down to access the area. You also find 3 caddies for 3.5-inch devices. If you have a large PSU, it won't be a problem, as it supports lengths up to 21 centimeters. On the other side of the case are 2.5 inch drive bays, which you can move to the shrouds on top of the PSU. You can also find the cable management area with 3 Velcro straps and Chroma RGB hub, that's connected to an internal USB 2.0 header. 

Cooling of Razer Tomahawk ATX

Cooling of Razer Tomahawk ATX

Razer Tomahawk ATX has enough room for fans and radiators. The space is enough for two 140 mm fans at the top, two 140 mm fans at the front, two 120 mm fans at the top of the PSU shroud and one 120 mm fan at the rear exhaust side. The case comes with a single 120 mm fan, that doesn't have PWM control. That is a bit weak for a case with this price. What is even stranger for a company like Razor, the fan has no RBG. Some cases can be great with just one fan if there is open mesh intake, but unfortunately that doesn't apply here. The front intake of this case is blocked for filtration. What is really bad is that there is a shortcut through which air can flow inside bypassing intake filtration. And this makes the case never as cool or clean as competitors.

Cable Management 

Razer Tomahawk ATX cable management

Cable management experience with the case is great. The shield has enough room to allow big connectors without messing up the appearance. The PSU shroud also has enough cutouts to help you. The three Velcro straps help you guide the cables along their way, and the two available covers help you cover them up at the end. 

The Verdict

Razer Tomahawk ATX is a classy and good-looking case with a great design. Cable management and easily building the PC the way you like are really nice features for this case. However, the case delivers a poorly designed airflow path which is not good considering its price.

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