8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 11


8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 11

Windows 11 is the first Windows to come in 6 years since the launch of Windows 10. Although it wasn't received with much enthusiasm, there are still several reasons that would make you want to upgrade to it. 

The new OS doesn't seem to be a revolutionary operating system. For example, it seems to bring no improvements for gaming. 

However, the free upgrade might be worth it for other reasons, not just so that you would have the latest version of Windows. In this article, we share some reasons why you should consider upgrading to Windows 11 soon. 

Keeping your PC updated and secure 

Windows 11 may not bring performance enhancements for gaming, and maybe not even for programs. However, there is still a chance it has some unique security features. 

Windows 10 will be supported until 2025. This means it will still receive security updates fixing vulnerabilities. But still the focus will shift to Windows 11, which will receive updates more regularly.

Also, the fact that you will eventually move to Windows 11 makes moving to it now a logical thing to do. 

Running Android apps natively on Windows 11

Running Android apps natively on Windows 11

The biggest feature in Windows 11 that attracted people's attention when it was announced was the ability of the new operating system to run Android apps natively without additional software. 

While it was announced that the release version of Windows 11 won't have this feature, which is a let down, it is still coming in an update.

Amazon Appstore will also be available so you can download apps directly to your PC. 

Windows 11 will enable you to sideload APKs, as well as integrate apps you use most into the task bar like native Windows apps. 

Support of DirectStorage in Windows 11

When Windows 10 came out, SSD's were already there but they weren't as popular as they are now.

The new PS5 and Xbox Series consoles come with SSD's and their games become available also on PC's.

Games are taking more advantage of SSD speed to make loading times shorter. Companies are developing additional technologies for this purpose, including DirectStorage.  

DirectStorage allows games to load much faster. It is already available on the new generation of Xbox consoles. Now it will also come to PC's, but only on Windows 11 and not Windows 10. 

As you may already know, NVMe SSD's are much faster than SATA ones. However, their potential speed in game loading times are still uncharted. 

With technologies like DirectStorage from Microsoft, PC's with NVMe SSD's can show a huge improvement in speed over SATA SSD's, unlike their very close performance now.

DirectStorage also helps games render faster. So we can see graphics performance improvement as well. 

The features will come to Windows 11 with support for PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 interfaces. This means that most NVMe SSD owners will be able to enjoy it.

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Better customization with snap layouts

For the first time in a while, Microsoft is enhancing it's snap features in Windows 11. This will give users the ability to customize layouts and access them in a more efficient way.

With the new snap features, you can create unlimited layouts and access any preset of them quickly when you need it. 

With Snap Groups, you can even save specific layouts for multiple applications and become more productive while using your PC for work purposes. 

Support of AutoHDR in Windows 11

Support of AutoHDR in Windows 11

AutoHDR is one of the features Microsoft brought to the new generation of Xbox consoles. It simply creates an HDR effect for games that don't support HDR, which is very impressive. 

Microsoft is bringing this feature to Windows 11. This means you will be able to enjoy the feature on many games that don't support HDR natively. However, you need to have a monitor that supports HDR.

The feature is not coming to Windows 10, which is another decision from Microsoft to make more people upgrade to Windows 11. 

DirectX 12 Ultimate support

While benchmarks show that Windows 11 doesn't bring any improvement in gaming performance over Windows 10, this may change when DirectX 12 Ultimate comes into action. 

The enhanced version of DirectX will improve real time ray tracing and mesh shading processes. This means you will enjoy better performance if you own a new video card and Windows 11. 

Enhanced interface

The new interface Windows 11 brings uses a unique taskbar with icons in the center, better capabilities for the multiple desktops feature and overhauled animations.

This, alongside the usage of transparency more than ever, makes Windows 11 look very different, and people seem to like the new interface changes. 

Smaller update sizes 

Microsoft isn't exactly famous of listening well to its users. It seems like it has this time.

With Windows 11, Microsoft says that updates will be 40% smaller. This means downloading updates will be 40% faster with the same speed of your internet connection. 

This is an amazing addition for people with limited internet packages suffering from Windows updates that come with short durations in between.

It's great news also for those who don't want to waste their PC resources on Windows updates running in the background for longer times. 

Microsoft hasn't revealed yet how fast installing these updates would take. If the speed of installation is also faster along with better optimization, then it will be a very welcomed addition for many Windows users around.  

The verdict

While Windows 11 doesn't seem to be a revolutionary version of Windows, Microsoft has made sure it has some unique features to make it worth the upgrade for many.

This is especially true for gamers who will miss great features like DirectStorage and AutoHDR if they don't upgrade. 

It also focuses on better interface, an addition that Windows has not really excelled at previously.

Overall, the decision will be up to you. You can always choose the best time for you to make this free upgrade.

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