Best 2017 Internal HDD and SSHD for Desktops, Laptops and Storage Servers



Best internal and external HHD and SSHD in 2017 | Dealna


Many users are aware of the relation between system performance and the quality of internal storage unit used, most users suffered at some point of time from a system lag due to a poor quality storage unit that falls under a 100% heavy pressure when transferring files and running programs!

What is the solution? You have to choose your storage unit well whether it is a traditional HDD, a hybrid SSHD for better performance at a slightly higher price, or a combination of both. Today we will talk about the best HDD and SSHD as they are the most effective choice in terms of cost and storage capacity.

When you decide to by a storage unit, you will most probably choose one of the two most reputed brand names in storage units industry which are Seagate and Western Digital, currently they are almost at the same level on the scale of competition.

Therefore, here is a list of 2017 HDD and SSHD for laptops and desktops categorized according to the purpose of use.


Best 2017 Internal Hybrid SSHD: Seagate 2TB 7200RPM FireCuda


Seagate 2TB 7200RPM FireCuda | Dealna


Price: $ 90

Every year, storage capacities reach limits we have never imagined. The Seagate 2TB 7200RPM FireCuda will get you 2TB enough to store all your music, movies, games and other files.

First of all, you should know that the FireCuda versions are hybrid, which means they are a combination of HDD and SDD since they have a low capacity RAM to improve performance, but not as much as traditional HDD.

To illustrate, it can accommodate 80 games of 25 GB. Seagate SHDD has a technology that enables it to transfer files 5 times faster than traditional HDD but both have a rotation speed of 7200 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).


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The speed of writing/reading through FireCuda is up to 200MB/s; it comes in 3.5-inch size for desktops and NAS (Network-attached storage) units, and 2.5-inch size for laptops.

My advice to you is to buy a hybrid FireCuda version if you use a laptop, but if you use a desktop computer, then go ahead and buy yourself a small SDD unit for the system in addition to a BarraCuda HDD, next we will talk about this BarraCuda HDD.


Other alternatives


Seagate 3TB 7200RPM BarraCuda


Seagate 3TB 7200RPM BarraCuda | Dealna


Price: $ 89

It is another wonderful HDD, but not hybrid as the previously mentioned FireCuda, its storage capacity is up to 3TB, this is the highest capacity among Seagate’s BarraCuda versions but not the maximum, because you still can get up to 10 terabytes by purchasing the BarraCuda Pro version which is the superior over all BarraCuda series versions.

But 3TB is more than enough for personal use. The speed you get is not the fastest, but the price and storage are the best. This HDD has an extra storage space of 256MB of in addition to that 4TB with a reading/writing speed of 165Mb/s.


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The most important point in the previous specifications is the price, but there is also the low power consumption which makes it ideal for desktop computers. It also comes in a 2.5-inch size version for laptops.

While running it, you’ll notice that its sound is slightly higher than Western Digital Blue HDD, but this tiny drawback is nothing compared to the wonderful features of price and high storage capacity.

Lower capacity versions are available from 500 GB to 4 TB; this HDD rotation speed is 7200 RPM.

If you have a desktop NAS server or server and you are looking for a good HDD of a large storage space and a good price, this is the best choice for you.


Best 2017 Internal HDD at a Cheap Price: Western Digital WD Blue 1TB


Western Digital WD Blue 1TB | Dealna


Price: $ 49

The Western Digital WD Blue is a blockbuster in the economic category, it has achieved the high performance for good price dilemma, so by paying $ 49 only, you get 1 terabyte of storage space that is sufficient for most users but not for videogames lovers.

The size of the games is growing exponentially to the limit of 60 GB for the famous games and even more, but this HDD specifications are not enough to run such huge games because the rotation speed is only 5400 RPM, and writing/reading speed is 130 MB/s.

This means that it is better to choose the Seagate BarraCuda version if you want to play games since its space is larger and its speed is higher.


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As for the quality of manufacturing, Western is reputed for its quality, this HDD is protected from vibrations generated by its rotation which protects data and reduces power consumption.

The RAM has a very low capacity of 64 megabytes only, but there is advanced RAM versions with storage capacities that range from 500GB to 6 TB.


Best 2017 Internal Hard HDD in terms of speed and performance: WD Black 6TB

WD Black 6TB | Dealna


Price: $230

Let’s start by talking about the Black Series from Western Digital in general, this series comes in top of company’s versions and marked by blue color, it features a fast writing/reading speed up to 188MB/s, it is a traditional HDD not Hybrid, and its storage capacity is up to 6TB.

Compared to the Seagate BarraCuda Pro series, we find that it is 25% faster, and it is 3 times faster than traditional BarraCuda version, which means that the response speed is amazing; this series is also less noisy than BarraCuda Pro.

These specifications make it an excellent choice if you need a heavy-duty HDD and if the data you store on is frequently needed and frequently changed, which requires fast reading/writing speed and short response time.

This HDD is not cheap, but remember that you pay $ 10 more when you buy BarraCuda Pro version but you get a performance that is lower than WD Black version 2016. Make sure you don’t buy WD Black 2013 version.


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The HDD rotation speed is 7200 RPM with 128 GB RAM, this is a good space/performance combination. It also features 5 years warranty, plus a dual-core processor to increase overall performance compared to a single-core processor in other brands. These specifications become evident when playing heavy games or large media files such as montage and design programs.


Best 2017 Internal HDD for Laptops: Seagate 2.5-Inch BarraCuda


Seagate 2.5-Inch BarraCuda | Dealna


Price: $85

You might’ve got confused when I referred to FireCuda as the best for laptops, yes it is, but this in case you want a hybrid SHDD with a performance better than HDD at $ 5 difference only! If the price is over your budget, then BarraCuda is a good option with the same storage space of 2 terabytes.

The difference between speeds is that Baracuda writing/reading speed reaches 140-150 Mbps, while FireCuda writing/reading speed is up to 200 MB/s.


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Seagate’s BarraCuda has a Multi-Tier Caching technology that delivers smooth and fast data reading which results in faster running of programs and applications, Seagate’s BarraCuda comes in 7 and 15 mm sizes to suit different types of laptops.


Best 2017 Internal heavy-duty HDD for Businesses


When it comes to businesses storage units, endurance and failure are the most important factors to be considered when choosing an internal HDD for servers.

According to a research provided by Backblaze (cloud storage services provider) and included a sample of more than 72,100 different storage units. It turned out that some units have a very low failure rate when operated for a full year, here are the research results:


  • HGST HDD of WD Company got a very low failure rate of 0.60%
  • Toshiba HDD got 1.27%
  • Seagate HDD got 2.65%
  • WD HDD red color category got 2.65%


But my advice to you is if you are an average user who does not have storage experience, ignore those results and buy WD Gold HDD.

If you have storage experience, I recommend you buy HGST MegaScale 4000 HMS5C4040ALE640 since it is the best type of work endurance for a whole year. I focused on experience here because the company stopped producing HGST HDD; it is only available as second hand units, and you definitely need experience to check it well before purchasing.


WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class

WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class | Dealna


Price: $ 500

The price is probably a shock to some! But when you have no budget limits, then this is what you get for your money, you’ll get 12 terabytes of storage for all purposes, but hold on, don’t you think that this is too much for an average user?

Yes of course, but this huge storage space is designed for businesses not average users, it is designed for companies and workstations that need huge storage space and high speed data transfer. So it will be very convenient for a business to get this one single HDD of 12TB storage space and enjoy a storage peace of mind for years to come. This HDD is also good for users who have the same needs businesses have.


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The WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class has a fast rotating speed of 7200 RPM and 3.5-inch size suitable for desktop computers and NAS storage servers.

WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class features the fourth version of HelioSeal technology, which is designed to setup a good storage space and save energy. WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class also features RAFF technology that provides protection from HDD running vibrations or unexpected shocks.

The tests proved WD Gold HDD excellent work endurance and heavy-duty features; the data transfer rate has reached to 550 terabytes! WD Gold HDD is also compatible with RAID technology that provides protection against data loss and restores it without any problem.

If the space is huge for you, other WD Gold HDD versions are available from 1 to 12 terabytes.


The 2017 Best Business and Personal Hard Disk List have come to an end. Back to you dear user, did you like the list and what is your experience with Western and Seagate HDD’s?