Best 2017 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Devices for Desktop and Laptop and Important Tips before Buying



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In most Arab countries, talking about the stability of electricity or celebrating 30 years of electricity without interruption (as in Germany), is considered funny because interruptions happen all the time.

This motivated many users to search for a good solution to protect their important devices from the effects of electricity instability, and also to keep some of their devices running in case of power outage such as computers, which often contain work that needs to be saved before switching the device off.

The solution is Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices. To save your time, here is a list of the best UPS devices in 2017, and tips to pay attention to before you decide to buy.



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Tips before Buying a UPS


Tips before buying UPS |Dealna


Before buying a UPS for your home or office, there are several important points that you need to know. Here they are:


What are the types of UPS?


The first type (line interactive UPS) supports sine-wave technology. This technology will protect devices from the electricity current fluctuations and overloads without relying on the battery to adjust to the electricity current stability.

The second type (Standby UPS) does not support sine-wave technology. It is cheaper because it offers lower specifications, it will also protect devices from the electricity current fluctuations and overloads but not as effective as the first type, it is still a good option for its price category though.

The Third type (Online UPS) features a huge size and a loud noise while running, it is designed to run all the devices at home, but the price is relatively high.



What is the battery capacity sufficient for your needs?


To know the right battery capacity for your needs, you must calculate the total electricity consumption of all pieces you intend to connect to the battery in case of power outage. Here are some examples:

Desktop: consumes 200 watts/hour if the processor speed and Graphics card speed remain the same.

The previous consumption is divided as follows: (10 watts by the router, 5 watts by printer, 10 watts by headset, 30 watts by screen) and 145 watts by the Computer Case. If the Graphics card is not working, the power consumption will increase depending on the type of that Graphics card.

By adding the consumption of an average Graphics card, you will need 900 watts to run your device with its accessories for 18 minutes while playing games or for an hour without playing games. These 900 watts are the capacity you need to run your device then shut it down and save your work properly.

Laptop: consumes from 50-100 watts/hour depending on its type.

This consumption doesn’t require more than a cheap low-capacity UPS (350 watts), this UPS will enable you to run your laptop, browse the Internet and run other accessories easily for an hour or more depending on the type of accessories connected to your laptop.

My advice is to get a battery capacity above your expected hourly consumption just in case you need more time. For example, if you need 350 watts battery capacity, go ahead and buy a 400-500 watt battery.



Number of primary ports and ports supported by battery



This is very important. UPS have a limited number of ports depending on your needs and the UPS type you choose, but what really matters here is the number of ports supported by your UPS battery (on battery protected), which will keep your device running even in the case of power outage.

The other ports (surge protected) provide a protection from electricity current fluctuations and overloads, but the devices connected to them will shut down immediately in the case of power outage.

Therefore, you must prioritize devices that you wish to keep running in the case of power outage and connect them to (on battery protected) ports.



Do you need a monitor to watch the battery status?



The expensive UPS devices usually feature an LCD screen that helps you to track the battery status in terms of remaining battery charging and remaining time under current power consumption rate.

The UPS devices with LCD screen cost more, so it will be up to you to decide if your budget is up to it, or if you will just work with a cheaper UPS without a tracking screen.



Best UPS in 2017


CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD 1500VA

Type: line interactive UPS


line interactive UPS | Dealna




Supports sine-wave technology effectively which guarantees you a stable electricity supplyIt has 10 ports but 5 of them are in Standby mode only
Huge capacity up to 900 watts of uninterrupted electricityA bit heavy
Strong performance and small size
Price is affordable


The CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD 1500VA is one of the best UPS devices available in the market for the year 2017, it has received a large number of positive reviews from users. We have so many strong reasons to list it here.

This UPS has been rated as the best choice for videogames lovers or heavy-duty computer users, because they are the most affected by power outage at critical times.

This UPS is highly reliable due to its high capacity of 900 watts that’s enough to run a computer of two Graphics cards, or a server that has (10 HDDs, 4 graphics cards and other computer accessories) for 10-20 minutes or even more if consumed slowly!

The price of CP1500PFCLCD UPS is amazing since it costs less than $ 220 while similar competing UPS cost $ 500 for the same specifications.

The most important feature of this UPS is true sine-wave technology, which guarantees a stable non-volatile electrical current, other competing UPS only simulate sine-wave technology, but some devices is vulnerable to that harmful simulation which will eventually cause unstable device performance.



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CP1500PFCLCD UPS | Dealna


In the back, CP1500PFCLCD UPS has 10 ports, 5 of them are for emergency (on battery protected), and they are ready to provide power as soon as the power outage happens. The other 5 are (surge protected) that are designed to protect the device from current fluctuations and overloads but they don’t work in emergency because they shut down as soon as power outage happens.

On the top of these 10 ports there are two ports for the landline telephone or router in order to protect them from the fluctuating/overloading electric current and supply them with power. There are 2 more ports for USB and Serial.

You can monitor the status of your UPS through a special app on your phone. If you want to break the circuit in case it exceeds the required limit, you can press the red button in the middle of the back side, but you better use the fuse gradually without disconnecting power from devices!



 Other alternatives


APC Pro BR1500G


APC Pro BR1500G | Dealna


The APC Pro BR1500G comes in competition with the previous CP1500FPCLCD UPS, it is $ 20 cheaper with an advantage of having a space where you can add an extra battery for higher capacity, but this UPS does not have a USB port.

If you do not need a USB port, then this is the perfect choice for you since it has the same features at a lower price.



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 Best 2017 UPS at average price and use


 CyberPower EC650LCD


Type: standby ups

CyberPower EC650LCD standby UPS| Dealna




Good electricity storage for its capacitysimulates sine-wave technology but doesn’t truly supports it
LCD screen to monitor current load and charging indicator
Power saving feature by pushing ECO button

If you are not looking for a high-capacity UPS battery, and you don’t need more than 3 (on battery protected) ports that are protected from power outages, and 3 (surge protected ports) that are not, then this is the right UPS for you and for most people who are looking for a combination of quality and price, the price is only $ 70. At this price category, this UPS will give you sufficient power to run the average-consumption home appliances for 15 minutes.

These 15 minutes are enough to save your work/progress and to shut down games or whatever you do properly instead of feeling terrified when a power outage happens. CyberPower EC650LCD UPS has a 390-watt battery capacity and a small size that makes it easily to install in a hidden spot.


CyberPower UPS battery saver | Dealna


One of the advantages of CyberPower EC650LCD UPS battery is power saving feature via ECO ports on the left, ECO establishes a schedule to power on and off at certain times to reduce the power consumption rate. ECO also disconnects power from the speakers and other accessories attached to the computer if the computer or the main device is locked!



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On the right side you will find 4 ports protected from the high-voltage/unstable current, but the devices connected to them will shut down immediately once a power outage happens.

One more convenient feature is that 2 of the 8 ports are far from other ports to accommodate large size plugs.



 Best UPS at an affordable price


APC BE600M1 Back-UPS 600VA

Type: standby UPS


APC BE600M1 Back-UPS 600VA | Dealna




An adequate battery capacity for small home appliances and routersOnly simulates sine-wave technology not true sine-wave
Capable of running games consoles such as PS4 and Xbox
Small size that can be placed on the desk easily


When talking about the best types of Uninterruptible Power Supply devices, the APC brand is always associated with quality and great features. Today we are talking about BE600M1 Back-UPS.

This UPS is suitable for low-consumption devices such as routers and computer accessories, it comes in a small size to place it on a desk without occupying much space, you better place it in a way where ports are right in front of your eyes to easily blog your laptop, phone, computer….etc.

don’t try to run your gaming computer if power outage is taking a long time because the battery capacity is (330 watts) only, this is why it is more suitable for a laptop than a computer.

It has 6 ports, all are ready to supply power immediately in case of power outage, surge protection ports are also there to protect devices from the current fluctuations/overloads, in addition to a 1.5-amp USB port to charge your phone/tablet.



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In case of power outage, you can run a monitor, a laptop and a router to surf Internet safely for 2-3 hours, you can also charge your phone if you want, but the time available to you will be reduced.


APC BE850M2 | Dealna


There is a better edition of this Uninterruptible Power Supply which is (APC BE850M2) that comes with 9 ports, a 2.5-amp USB port and a larger battery capacity of 450-watt, but this version is more expensive with a price of $ 92 compared to $ 60 for the previous version.