Best 6 Cheap Camera Drones to Buy This Year

Best 6 Cheap Camera Drones to Buy This Year

Camera drones are fun to play with and they can shoot amazing footage. That's why many people try to find best drone cameras every year. 

Some might think camera drones cost a fortune, but luckily that's not true. There are some small and light ones with affordable prices that most people can buy. 

In this article we have some of the best affordable camera drones you can buy this year. 

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow is one of the best affordable camera drones.

This camera drone has many great features that make it stand out. For example, it folds down and becomes very small in size. It also comes with a case, remote control and two batteries. 

Compared to other camera drones in this price range, the image quality is acceptable but not very high. The camera shoots 720P videos, which you can preview using your smartphone. 

The downside of this drone is its very slow speed even at its fastest mode. It flies only for 5 or 6 minutes, which should be better in this price range. However, a swap battery will get it flying again immediately. 

Snaptain A15H Camera Drones

Snaptain A15H camera drones can flip 360° in the air.

Snaptain A15H is one of the coolest and cheapest camera drones right now, as it offers many great features for an affordable price. 

For example, the features include the ability to flip 360° in the air, and also the controller that looks like Xbox controller.

The controller has two analogue sticks and 16 buttons that let you play and enjoy the experience of the drone. 

On the negative side, the camera is not that good for shooting footage even with its 720P camera, as the image appears blurry. The quality of the camera and also the absent stabilization seem to be the problem.

With its size and good speed the battery is capable of flying the camera drone around for only five minutes. 

Ryze Tech Tello Camera Drones

Ryze Tech Tello camera drones designed for a fun experience especially for kids.

This camera drone is designed for a fun experience especially for kids. It is easily programmable using LEGO style code blocks of Scratch programming language. Your kids can have a fun learning experience and you can fly it around for fun. 

Speaking of the features of the drone, it comes with a camera that can shoot 720p at 30fps videos, and take 5MP photos. The charge of the drone lasts for 13 minutes, so you shouldn't fly it too far. 

While this camera drone doesn't have many features, its cheap price makes it a great choice. It has a powerful body for this price range, and being programmable makes it a good choice. 

 If you don't want to buy an additional controller, you can seamlessly control this drone with your iOS or Android phone. 

UDI U818A FPV Drone


This drone is one of the best choices if you want a large drone at a very affordable price. The drone flight time is around 8 to 10 minutes.

Its design has a rotor blade guard to avoid the failure of the drone when it hits something. You can adjust the drone camera by 30 degrees vertically, and it has a resolution of 720P, with an SD card slot for storage. 

You can choose a 480P or 720P preview, but the 480P is recommended as the 720P preview gets glitchy when the drone is a bit far away. 

Considering the price, the drone is a perfect choice as it comes with a remote, it has a stable and safe design, and has moderate speed and battery life.

You can also control the camera drone from your Android or iOS phone.

Snaptain S5C Camera Drones

Snaptain S5C

The Snaptain S5C is one of the camera drones that is enjoyable to fly, but isn't particularly good for shooting footage. The bright blue and red LED lights around the rotor make the drone fun to look at in the sky. 

While the Snaptain Era app offers some great features, the camera footage is usually blurry as there is no stabilization, despite being shot in 720P. 

The drone comes with two rechargeable batteries, each one of them is enough for a 7 to 8 minute flight.

For this price range, the body of the drone is not very strong as it can easily break. With its moderate speed it's not one of the fastest ones either.

Drocon X708W Cyclone

Drocon X708W Cyclone

This drone offers moderate speed, ability to turn while flying and included remote controller with many features. 

There is also a dedicated app available on iOS and Android, letting you preview the footage in real time. 

The camera has a resolution of only 480P, and unfortunately the footage looks blurry. The drone flight time is 5 to 10 minutes, but it comes with two batteries you can replace and fly the drone again.

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