Top 7 Technologies That Helped Us Survive The Pandemic


Top 7 Technologies That Helped Us Survive The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyles of most of us. Luckily technology has been supporting and connecting us during the lockdown. 

The advantages of technology and digital solutions made the biggest difference during 2020 and 2021, as our lives could have been much different without these technologies. From online shopping, connecting to people and working from home to allowing students to continue to learn from home, here are the main technologies that impacted our lives during the pandemic. 

Video communication

Video communication during coronavirus pandemic

Imagine the difference if we didn't have video and voice meeting apps during the pandemic? Millions of people were able to work from home thanks to video communication apps like Zoom. 

Users of video communication apps increased rapidly last year and this year. Zoom's users doubled during the first months of the pandemic. Also Microsoft is adding more features for their Teams app. Such applications have been known for years as the future of meetings. They are an important asset for remote work for businesses in any industry, from small businesses to huge corporations. These apps allow one to one meetings or conferences for any purpose. Any type of meeting is made possible and convenient by extra features like screen sharing, file sharing, custom backgrounds and more. 


E-commerce during coronavirus pandemic

Waiting in a long queue at the supermarket could have been uncomfortable and very unsafe during the pandemic. Luckily several e-commerce options made shopping easier for us. 

E-commerce has grown rapidly during last year and continue to grow this year, making Amazon grow even bigger. Thousands of e-commerce businesses around the world are boosting their sales. With people going out less and many shops closed, it's time to try online shopping. With the advancements we have seen over the last two decades, online stores are ready to fill the needs of the customers. 


online learning during the pandemic

Whether you are a student at school or university or someone working, you may have invested a lot of time learning online during the pandemic. 

E-learning is one of the technologies that boosted our ability to face the pandemic. Schools and universities decided to close their doors, allowing students to learn remotely thanks to technology. Anyone has the opportunity to start learning anything now. Coursera and Udemy are platforms where there are no limitations to learning. You can learn nearly anything now. Of course, faster internet connection and computers have helped us enjoy these courses seamlessly. 

Investments in e-learning are expected to grow due to the pandemic. We could be seeing more remote learning from both platforms and companies, as well as governments and universities. 

Robotics and automation 

robotics and automation helping in pandemic

Many of the technologies that have greatly impacted our lives during the pandemic are invisible to us. Robotics and automation inside factories and warehouses continue to support us with our needs.

Companies that invested in automation technologies in the recent years can harvest their investments in one year. 2020 has taught us the future is in automation. Workflow automation and business process automation have removed a lot of the paperwork and repetitive manual tasks in companies. This is opening the door for remote work to be possible. 

Social media platforms 

Social media platforms during pandemic

Social media platforms have been widely known for idle pastime, but can you imagine the pandemic without social media? 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have become a place to socialize during the pandemic. While socializing shouldn't be limited to social media, it has proven to be a great help during lockdown. Social media has also played a major role in keeping everyone informed and updated to face the pandemic. More people started to believe in the power of social media in networking. Professional platforms like LinkedIn are now believed to be the future of professional networking.  

Online banking and payment services 

online banking helping during pandemic

Losing access to overview your money situation while being in lockdown is a hassle. Luckily online banking has given the opportunity to have access to bank accounts during the pandemic. 

Online banking services and banking apps allow anyone to send or receive money, check their balance, pay bills and many other activities. Payment services have made money transfers cashless, which is great as people refrain from using cash during the pandemic. Nowadays it's possible to pay for everything using credit cards and digital wallets.

Streaming services 

Streaming services and Netflix

Many of us can't even count how many TV series we've watched since the start of the pandemic. Thanks to the lockdown we had plenty of time browsing streaming services with tons of content to choose from. 

As the pandemic forced many shows and movies to get delayed, cinema companies are struggling with low demand and losses. It's clear now that streaming services are a winning bet. Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other services are expected to keep growing and shaping the future of content consumption.

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