Best 10 Websites To Get Video Game Deals


Best 10 Websites To Get Video Game Deals

Buying video games at full price is expensive, especially if you want to try out new games. That's why video game deals are always wanted by gamers. Here we have a list of the best websites that offer game deals for PC and consoles at low prices or even for free.


Fanatical video game deals

Fanatical is a video game deals and discounts websites that focuses mainly on PC games, but also Nintendo Switch and 3DS games.

Prices of games on Fanatical are very competitive. You can find flash deals and other sales that might not be found anywhere else.

Fanatical WW


G2A discounted games

G2A is a huge platform where you can probably find any game you want. The platform is based on people selling game serials, and the website guaranteeing the sale.

On G2A, you can get great deals on your favourite games. The website keeps the seller prices updated and compares the prices from time to time to get the best deal.

Humble Bundle

Game deals on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has become among the most popular PC game deals platforms ever, thanks to the great deals they have offered for several years.

Other platforms help you get a specific game, but Humble Bundle has a monthly subscription that offers you chosen games every month. You can get notifications whenever new games are available.

If you want great deals on PC games, you should sign up for Humble Bundle newsletter.


PC game deals Cheapshark

Cheapshark is a platform that follows PC game deals and prices every day. Following the updates of PC game prices you can get the wanted game at the best price.

It also saves you the time wasted on searching the Internet for prices of games. You’ll get many game price comparisons from different website in one place.

Razer Game Deals

Razer Game Deals

This platform for PC games comes as a website and application. It is from the popular gaming accessories company, Razer.

Both the website and the app offer notifications about game deals and discounts that are currently available.

While the website itself is not popular for amazing deals, it is still a great tool to track deals on Origin, Steam and other game platforms in one place.


Best games at Slickdeals

Console gamers can get great discounts on their favourite games through Slickdeals. You can follow a certain game and get notifications whenever it is discounted.

In addition to games, the platform gets you discounts on accessories and consoles at various stores. Be ready to buy Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X at a great price soon.

Epic Games

Epic Games

Epic Games was launched recently. It’s a platform similar to Steam and Uplay. The platform offers great games through their weekly deals, including GTA V and Football Manager 2020.

Besides free games, the platform offers deals on small and big games including Red Dead Redemption 2. The list of games is growing day by day.

Game Jolt

Game Jolt free and discounted games

Game Jolt is a good place to look for indie games and free-to-play games. The website is supplied by user-submitted content. It offers a wide range of indie games.


GOG game deals

GOG is a website similar to Steam, but with DRM-free games. The website has a huge collection of small games you can get at very low prices.

You can find many game classics at great prices, also huge discounts from time to time.

Gamedeals subreddit

Gamedeals subreddit

The Gamedeals subreddit is one of the best places to follow video game deals for PC and consoles. Another subreddit called ConsoleDeals is for console game deals.

There are new deals on games every day, whether from websites specialised in deals or from game platforms. These websites and platforms will help you get good deals on your favourite games.

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