Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android to Enjoy Today


Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

Years back, virtual reality was a futuristic technology that many people knew nothing about. Now, virtual reality apps, games and headsets are available for everyone on various platforms.

Android has been among the most powerful platforms for virtual reality with many applications, games and affordable headsets. For a great VR experience on Android here are some apps to try.

Best virtual reality applications for Android

InCell VR

InCell VR virtual reality app

InCell VR is virtual reality experience for kids. It lets children learn more about the human body in an entertaining way. 

Your character is a tiny human from the future who is travelling through the body to learn about every organ, all in VR. The app is also available without VR.

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Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR

Companies like Google are expected to impress with virtual reality technologies, and it does. Google Cardboard app helps you set up your Cardboard headset and get started with a tour through its features.

The application allows you to download apps supported by the headset and load VR videos. Although this app is made for Cardboard users only, it can also help you make your own.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR virtual reality

For new YouTube experience this is the app to try. YouTube VR app is one of the most impressive virtual reality applications available on Android as it offers YouTube videos in a VR cinematic view.

The application works with YouTube app and adds VR capabilities. By installing this add-on, you can switch to "watch in VR" mode easily. 

The app was built to support all Android virtual reality headsets and was optimized for Google Daydream and Google Cardboard headsets.

Google Daydream

Google Daydream app

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Another great virtual reality app from Google is Daydream app. It was designed for higher spec systems and it needs a Daydream View headset in addition to a Daydream capable phone.

This application allows you to use other Daydream supported apps and set up your headset properly for the best experience in addition to viewing VR content.

Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR app

Fulldive VR app allows you to browse phone storage and even browse the internet in VR. It allows you to capture 360 degree photos and videos with the integrated VR camera. You can also watch YouTube videos in 360 degree and VR.

Fulldive VR owns a store that has many VR apps that are optimized to work through the application. It is compatible with many VR headsets including Oculus, Daydream and Cardboard.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Google Street View offers an optional virtual reality experience. The application mainly allows you to view streets in 360 degrees so that you can find an address or a road easily.

The app isn't available everywhere yet, but it offers a VR update that allows users to view content in VR using any headset including Google Cardboard headset. 


Sketchfab virtual reality

Sketchfab is an educational app that offers both VR and AR experiences. Kids can learn new things with both 2D and 3D animations available in VR and it has so much content to keep them occupied. 

While the app has a number of bugs, it is still worth checking out as it is totally free.

Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR

A futuristic space shooting game doesn't seem like a new idea at all. But when it is done through virtual reality experience it is worth exploring.

In the game you fly through space to fight aliens and enjoy the great graphics and sound through any VR headset, including Google Cardboard headset. So you can enjoy the game without spending too much on VR headset.

Netflix VR

Netflix VR

Netflix VR allows you to watch content in VR. It supports Oculus, Cardboard and Daydream headsets. It’s expected of Netflix to produce their own content for VR in the future, but for now they don't have their own VR content.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Like the name suggests, you get a roller coaster experience in VR. The game is compatible with many VR headsets and offers a very stable performance. It’s one of the most popular VR games with over 10 million installations.

The game offers the experience with both real roller coasters that are pre-recorded as 360 degree videos and with 3D modeled roller coasters. The game is also optimized for Google Cardboard headset.


Expeditions VR

Expeditions is a great virtual reality application that helps you travel the world with your VR headset. It allows you to visit recorded content from landmarks around the world while being able to share trips with others.

The application is great for educators and students as it allows you to enjoy the scenery and learn simultaneously. It has hundreds of tours around the world from museums to high mountains and other breathtaking locations.

Future Virtual Reality Apps

Future Virtual Reality Apps

VR is becoming more and more mainstream and better apps are developed. Both Apple and Google want to bring the best virtual reality applications and games to their systems and we can enjoy better apps in no time.

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