How to Choose VoIP Phones for Business and Home


How to Choose VoIP Phones for Business and Home

Like other technology gadgets, VoIP phones are available in a wide variety. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right VolP phone for yourself.

VoIP phones and why they matter

VoIP phones and why they matter

What are VoIP phones?

VoIP phones use voice over IP technology, meaning they transfer audio and video through the Internet. They can be used like traditional phones but they have many additional features.

How VoIP phones work

VoIP phones work with the same concept as smartphone apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. They deliver free voice calls through the Internet.

Variety of VoIP phones

VoIP phones can be classified by several aspects. For example, there are corded phones that need Ethernet, and there are cordless ones that work wirelessly. Another classification can be into personal or business phones. Or classification according to the smart features they have such as operating systems (e.g., Android).

How to choose the right VoIP phones

Yealink T48G VoIP phone

Determine phone system or service provider

Before buying a VoIP phone you should confirm it supports your system and service provider. Choosing the service provider and system after buying the phone might limit your choices.

Determine who will use the phone

Different features are needed from phones according to person’s job requirements. You can save money by determining what is needed for specific people and then choose suitable options.

Features like call waiting, call transfer, conference call, video calls, smart features, etc. can increase the price of VoIP phones. Therefore, it’s better to choose features according to needs. 

Compare prices of VoIP phones

Determine number of simultaneous calls

It is important to establish how many calls are going to be received or made at the same time. VoIP phones support multiple lines, which means you are saving money by not buying several phones.

Determine the budget

VoIP phones are available in a wide variety of prices. While the price isn't the primary factor, it can help in the selection process as when you find the same features from two different manufacturers.

How to choose VoIP service provider

How to choose VoIP service provider

With a VoIP phone you need a compatible service provider to get your system up and running. There is a number of factors to consider when deciding on a service provider.

Determine the budget and needed features

Most VoIP subscription services are cheap and cost between $10 and $20 per month. You need to make sure your subscribed service meets your needs as it meets your budget.

Call waiting, caller ID, voice mail and 3-way calls are basic features without additional payment. Some companies offer free second line as a bonus. Determining the features you actually need is going to save you money. 

Determine the best in terms of customer service

Every VoIP service provider advertises itself as the best. To determine the best for you, checking trusted customer review sites is one option. Another is to ask your acquaintances for their experiences.

You can ask about customer service, sound quality and service reliability, including its downtime.

Check the terms of usage

Suitable prices, useful features and good service are important. But it's as important to ensure the terms and conditions of the service meet your needs, so there wouldn’t be unexpected problems.

Getting started with your VoIP system

Grandstream DP750/DP720

Install the VoIP system

Most phone based systems hardware is designed for plug-and-play installation and additional configuration is not needed. Even setting up computer based VoIP systems doesn’t require much knowledge.

Ensure you have high speed internet

VoIP phone system works better with high speed Internet connection. To avoid low sound quality or call interruptions caused by other connected devices, making a separate connection of bandwidth for the VoIP system is a good choice.

This will save your company from looking unprofessional if the sound quality of the calls is bad.

Compare prices of VoIP phones and servers