Best Cleaning Apps to Clean and Boost Your PC and Phone


Best Cleaning Apps to Clean and Boost Your PC and Phone

We care about the performance and speed of our electronic devices. That's why many people invest in new smartphones, laptops, and PC parts to enjoy the fluidity and speed of every process. And to enjoy our smooth and fast running electronic devices longer, it’s best to use cleaning apps that clean and speed up our devices.

The significance of these electronic devices in our daily life has made their speed as important as the speed of transportation. Faster devices can save time and make any process smoother and enjoyable, without getting bored or frustrated with it.

Here is a list of cleaning and speeding up apps to make your PC or smartphone faster. This saves you the time of periodical cleaning of residual files, RAM, and son on.

Best cleaning apps and tools for Windows PCs

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic cleaning app

Lolo System Mechanic is a great cleaning software that helps you solve PC slowness and security problems. The software performs full checkup and produces a detailed report of the found issues, with the option to fix them. The issues scanned by the software include PC speed and booting time, CPU and RAM performance, driver issues, security issues and internet download speed.

The app offers a choice to automatically optimize CPU, RAM and hard drive for higher speed. It also finds unwanted programs that slow down your computer and prevent them from starting up.

The company lists over 30,000 PC issues the app can solve. These include Windows security vulnerabilities that can harm your files and operating system. The cleaning app also removes browsing history and internet files. This is in addition to removing over 50 types of junk files that are detected using algorithms.

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner cleaning app

CCleaner is one of the most widely known cleaning apps. The app helps to make your PC faster with some simple clicks, removes your online tracks, frees up storage space and more to keep your PC well maintained.

One of the features offered by this software is optimizing your internet speed, not just the speed of the PC. It makes the PC start up faster, boosts the security and gives you full control over what features to use and what to ignore.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer cleaning apps

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the widely used cleaning apps which offers an easy way to speed up your PC and optimize your system for better performance. The application is known for advanced hard disk checking and analyzing tools. Looking at the dashboard of the software, you can see many feature.

These features include its ability to boost your internet speed when using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It also cleans up junk files with its advanced algorithm and protects you from malicious browser extension. As one of the features, this app releases a detailed log after every process.

Best cleaning apps and tools for Android

Clean Master

Clean Master android cleaning app

Clean Master is a widely used application for Android that most people have probably heard of.

The app boosts performance by cleaning up junk files, optimizing RAM, offering app management and antivirus security. The cleaning app has over 600 million downloads and it is used worldwide. Clean Master has cleaned an estimated total of 5 billion megabytes of junk files.  The app has many features which include app lock, battery saver, junk cleaner, memory booster, CPU cooler, antivirus protection and much more. 

The junk cleaner tool cleans up the system cache as well as temporary and residual files like small images. It also boosts the speed and the performance of the device. This enables users to enjoy better gaming experiences without their devices overheating or getting damaged. Lastly, Clean Master boosts battery life by optimizing CPU usage with different processes.

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner

DU Speed Booster is a famous performance optimization app for Android. Its features include RAM booster, game booster, junk file cleaner, trash cleaner, battery optimizer and app manager.

This app is trusted by over 230 million users through Google Play. It optimizes background apps to help your phone performance while saving more battery. In addition, it has a special tool for people who play games on their phones for a better experience. It also optimizes performance by preventing apps from starting automatically.

The app is also great for those wanting extra free space in their Android devices. It removes unnecessary files including cache, temporary files, residual files like small files or APKs that you wouldn't need again. The app offers an option to use each tool separately to have full control over what you need from its features.


Greenify cleaning app

Greenify is one of the unique Android cleaning apps that uses its very own algorithm.

The app tracks misbehaving applications and puts them into hibernation and prevents their background processes. This leads to better performance and increased battery life for your device. This cleaning app tries to optimize other apps in a way that doesn’t affect the experience of using your phone. However, you should be careful when using it. This is because it can stop necessary services like alarms or push messages, causing you some trouble.

You can also opt to activate the app only to perform a specific task you need for your device to be as fast as possible. You can also choose to reduce battery usage to the lowest level for a specific period of time.

Bottom line

best cleaning apps for PC or phone

There are many cleaning apps out there to help speed up your PC and smartphone. You can pick any from our list above to get started and to discover many other features in addition to speeding up your PC or phone.

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