How to Get WiFi Internet Without ISP: Simple Guide


How to get WiFi internet without ISP: Simple guide

Internet services are expensive in many countries, where ISPs don't even offer a service that is up to the price. After the coronavirus pandemic crisis, more of us are suffering with their WiFi internet connection as the demand is very high with more people than ever staying at home. 

Some companies tried to make things better by reducing the quality of streaming, like what Netflix did in some countries. Many people are still suffering with their internet connection at home, especially at peak times. 

The good news is, there are some solutions to consider to solve the problem of slow WiFi internet provided at home by an ISP. We got some of these solutions with details to help you figure out what is suitable for you. 

How to get WiFi internet without an ISP

Using mobile hotspot 

Using mobile hotspot

Using mobile hotspot is one way to get internet that is fast and reliable, as it is more available all the time.

But first, you need to get a hotspot device and a mobile internet plan. This will be usually more expensive than your home internet plan for the same speed and capacity.

Through the hotspot device, that can be a mobile phone, you can get WiFi internet anywhere. However, you will be consuming a mobile internet plan instead of a plan from the regular ISP. 

WiFi hotspots enable you to access internet through any device, just like WiFi routers. They have many benefits to consider. 

Among the advantages is the ability to connect anywhere. Unlike WiFi router, the hotspot device or mobile phone used as a hotspot can be taken anywhere. So you can be conencted all the time. 

It is also more secure to connect to your own hotspot when outside home, rather than connecting to a public network. 

Using a USB WiFi dongle 

Using a USB WiFi dongle

Instead of connecting your laptop to a hotspot or connecting it to a public network, you can connect it directly to your 3G or 4G mobile internet using a USB dongle. 

You can find these dongles easily online, in stores or even at the mobile service provider branch. USB WiFi dongles help you connect to the internet using the data plan directly into your laptop through your USB port. 

Once the stick is connected, you can use it to access the internet anywhere. You can also create a hotspot and let your other devices connect to it without needing internet from a regular internet service provider.

HUAWEI Wi-Fi 2 Mini 4G LTE USB Modem WiFi Hotspot 

Using public WiFi

Using public WiFi

While -as mentioned before- using public WiFi networks is not the safest thing to do for your privacy, it is still a solution for accessing the internet without needing an ISP. 

Public WiFi networks can be typically found in libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, transport hubs and other places you can learn with time. Make sure to connect to WiFi networks you know and trust to avoid getting hacked. 

The best practice when connecting to WiFi networks is to know what place this network is related to, so that you avoid falling for a scam that steals your data. You also need to consider connecting to as few networks as possible, especially if you are new to the place. 

Also when using a public WiFi network, you need to always use HTTPS websites as they are more secure to use. Unlike HTTP, HTTPS transmits data safely in a way that prevents sniffing on it. 

Limiting sending files, and especially private ones, through public WiFi networks is also much encouraged. You should never enter any sensitive data like credit card information when using one of these networks. 

Using a shared connection

Using a shared WiFi connection

One of the desperate solutions for getting an internet connection without needing an ISP, is to make someone share their connection.

Whether they are using a mobile phone or PC and whether they are connected to a data connection or a WiFi connection, they always have the ability to share the internet with you. 

Maybe someone has the key to a private network you don't know about or can just let you use their own connection . 

To share the internet with someone or make them share it with you through Windows PC, head to Settings, Network and Internet then Mobile Hotspot. Click on the connection that you want to share, then toggle the On button. 

On a macOS PC it is also easy. Head to Apple, System Preferences and then Internet Sharing. You can also choose what connection you want to share from the drop-down menu. You can select other options also from the same screen. 

Bottom line 

reliable internet

There are different ways to get reliable WiFi internet without needing an ISP. However, the WiFi internet provided by your ISP will be cheaper to use at home than using a data connection with one of these tricks. 

Data connections on the other hand give you the freedom of using them anywhere. They can still help as a replacement at home with many tricks to help you get a WiFi connection. 

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