Connecting a Wireless Printer in Your Office: A Guide


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A wireless printer offers users printing convenience. It allows you to print your documents and files easily without even being in the same room as your printer. You can sit in your living room and schedule print jobs from the printer in your office. Additionally, if you have been using an alternate device – laptop, tablet, smartphone to work, you no longer have to go through the tedious process of transferring data from one device to another device to print. A wireless print allows you can print your document, file or image using any wireless enabled device – computers, tablets and smartphones.

Connecting a wireless printer is not as effortless as a wired printer. You cannot just plug in the right wires and get started. There are three types of wireless printers – Bluetooth printers, infrared printers and Wi-Fi printers. The method of connecting these different wireless types differs slightly.


In the article, we focus on creating a connection to a wireless Wi-Fi printer. There are three methods of configuring your wireless network:

Method 1: Connect wireless Wi-Fi Printer using WPS

The method is only applicable if your printer and router are compatible to the Wireless Protected Setup (WPS). You can check the printer network menu to verify compatibility.

If the printer and router are compatible, you simply have to press the WPS button on your router and the related button on the printer to wirelessly connect the printer to the network. You are ready to start printing.

Method 2: Connect wireless Wi-Fi Printer using Auto connect

The method is only applicable if your Wi-Fi network is set up and connected to the appropriate device. The Auto Connect feature will automatically connect the printer to your computer’s network. It will then auto select the Wi-Fi network. The process will take a few minutes to connect.

Method 3: Connect wireless Printer using a network key or PIN

The method is applicable if your printer doesn’t have WPS. You will use a network key into the printer to establish a connection between the printer and the router.

Printing from your tablet or smartphone

An additional benefit of a wireless printer is the ability to print from your tablet and smartphone. All you need to do is download the manufacturer’s app on your tablet or smartphone. It will allow you to print directly from your tablet or smartphone easily. You can download the printing app from iTunes,

Android Market and Windows Marketplace.

As you can see, connecting a wireless printer may be more complicated than connecting a wired printer to your computer, but it is still fairly easy. Simple follow the instructions to get started. Double check the printer manual to verify what kind of connection you need to establish between your computer, the router and the wireless printer.