Building Smart Kitchen with Top 5 Connected Appliances


smart kitchen

Top 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances

Amazon Smart Oven 

The fantastic four-in-one Amazon Smart Oven is just perfect for you to start the smart kitchen journey. Yes, it can be used as a microwave, air fryer, convection oven, and food warmer at the same time. These jaw-dropping features of this oven help you to eradicate many other appliances to free up some shelf space. On top of it, you can also claim a free Echo Dot with it for controlling it with voice commands. 

At such an affordable price point, the Amazon smart oven is undoubtedly a steal deal. You get standard 10-level buttons for each cooking mode here, among which one is for IoT. 

The exciting part about this budget-friendly smart appliance is Amazon's wifi Simple Setup. If your Alexa smart speaker is already set up on your wifi network, then Amazon smart oven will automatically join the network. Furthermore, it will also pop up automatically in your Alexa app once you plug it in. With just your voice commands, you can effortlessly command this oven to accomplish your kitchen tasks. 


Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Sipping a perfect cup of coffee is undoubtedly the best part of our day. For coffee lovers, The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is one such hands-free, convenient appliance. It comes at a cost-efficient price and still works just perfectly. Also, the size is commodious as it is 12.91 inches wide, 7.95 inches long, and 13.9 inches tall.

It supports Alexa voice commands and has the most easy-to-use interface. With just your Alexa app/ Echo device, you can make this coffee maker work. From asking Alexa to change the brew strength to turn off the appliance, one can perform many tasks with simple voice commands.

Another perk of this coffee maker is the feature of setting morning coffee timings. The drip-free glass carafe ensures that you don't even spill a drop of coffee on your floor, making your kitchen free from mess. No matter wherever you are, this device can be controlled from any location, making your life super convenient.

LG Front Control Smart wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher 

Sparkling dishes definitely enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen and dining table as well. The LG Front Control Smart wi-fi Enabled Dishwasher is yet another smart appliance for your smart kitchen. Although the price must be quite hefty, it is still worth the money. 

The dishwashers by LG are certified by National Sanitization Foundation, which ensures the bacteria on dishes are reduces by 99.999%. Hence, you get clear and healthy dishes every time. With its 3-Stage filtration, you can have that peace of mind about the cleaning quality.

The futuristic feature here is 'ThinQ,' and you can connect this Dishwasher with Google Assistant or Alexa. Via apps, you can give clear instructions to stop and start the Dishwasher. Along with it, you can track the remaining cycle time, and it will alert you once the dishes are cleaned. 

Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub is undoubtedly one of the best smart appliances built, keeping the smart kitchen concept in mind. The kitchen is the spot of activities in most homes, and hence it is a perfect family appliance. The Samsung Family Hub has a 21.5" touch screen for you and your family to enjoy drawing while the meal is getting prepared. 

The merits do not end here. One can actually share these pictures directly from the refrigerator to anyone. All you need is wi-fi connectivity to access these unbelievably unique features. You can forget the days when one has to call everyone personally to come and take their food. With the Family Hub's connected network, one can send messages directly to everyone as an announcement. The enhanced features such as voice activation, wi-fi, and interior cameras take us towards the advanced world. 

Apart from all these features, you can also keep a note of the items available in your fridge with its 'food management system' using Bixby. So, overall, it is a must-have smart appliance in your advanced kitchen!

The Instant Pot Smart wi-fi

Do you always run out of time and skip meals? If yes, then the Instant Pot Smart wi-fi is something you should know a little bit more. It is an eight-in-one smart appliance, which will add more stars to your smart kitchen. For the meals on the go, it is a perfect fit. One can use it as a Rice/Porridge Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Cake Maker, Steamer, Yogurt Maker, Slow Cooker, Warmer, and Sauté/Searing. The size is 6 quarts, and the weight is 5.22 kgs.

If you want to access this appliance smartly, then all you need is an Instant Pot APP. It supports wi-fi connectivity for both Android and iOS. Hence, it is flexible to use. You can feel free from watching over the meal for it to cook or stirring it because you can relax and track the meal from your devices. 


The Internet has now become a part of our day-to-day activities from walking, talking, and now cooking. Yes, it is no more a dream to access kitchen appliances conveniently with just a wi-fi connectivity. Worry-free cooking with minimum mess across the kitchen is something we were only dreaming till the day such appliances came on the market. But the connected era is here, and these were some of the top-notch smart appliances, which you can try!