How to Use Android Phone as Webcam with Your PC


How to Use Android Phone as Webcam with Your PC

Online meetings have become very important for most of us after the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us were not ready to participate in online meetings in the best possible way, especially when it comes to having a good webcam.

If one of your difficulties is to look professional and your webcam or laptop is old, then it is not a problem because you can use your Android mobile phone as a webcam easily. 

Before you start

Tripod for phone

Using an Android smartphone as a webcam is super easy and reliable. Before using one of the ways to turn it into a webcam, the first thing is to make sure the phone is stable.

If you can make your phone stable with any simple trick you already tried or thinking of then it would be enough. Just make sure the phone won't fall or slip during a meeting. 

Otherwise, you can consider a tripod that can hold mobile phones steady. They are cheap and reliable. A tripod with an adjustable height will be perfect for making you look professional during your work meetings. 

DroidCam Wireless Webcam

DroidCam Wireless Webcam

The easiest way to turn your Android smartphone from any manufacturer into a webcam is to use an application to get the job done. DroidCam is the most famous application to do this. It is free to use with an optional premium version. 

The first thing you need to do is to download the application on the phone from Google Play. Then head to the company website to download the desktop client.

Install the Android app and then unzip the downloaded desktop client file and follow the steps to install it. Now you are ready to set things up. 

As you run the desktop client for the first time, it will ask you for the IP address. You can find it when you open the application on your mobile phone.

The desktop client is your main tool here as it will allow you to change video quality and even use additional features like audio streaming. 

You have various methods to connect the phone and the computer. If you prefer doing it with a wire then you have the USB connection choice. 

After this quick setup the app will be ready to use. You can click start to begin streaming from your phone camera to your computer screen as a webcam. 

For phones with multiple cameras, as all phones now are, you have to choose one of them. So, head to settings and switch to the camera which has better quality. 

The free version of DroidCam is totally enough. But if you want to enjoy more features then you have to buy the premium version for $4.5.

The premium version that is called DroidCamX allows you to zoom freely, use the phone camera in portrait mode, adjust resolution and brightness in addition to other cool features.

Turning your phone into webcam with IP Webcam 

Turning your phone to webcam with IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a great alternative to DroidCam that offers a desktop client and an Android application to let you make your Android phone a webcam in minutes. 

Setting up this application is much similar to the first one. The application allows you to change the resolution. But it doesn't support the front cameras of mobile phones, at least not yet.

The app also has a plugin that lets you record videos directly into your Dropbox cloud storage account. 

Should you buy a webcam? 

buy a webcam for online meetings

Unfortunately, while the apps mentioned above support many video call applications, they don't support some. In this case, it is better to buy a webcam. 

Like other types of cameras, choosing a webcam is not too easy. You surely need to buy a webcam that offers a high resolution to make your image look crisp.

1080p resolution webcams have become affordable and they are continuing to be more affordable with time. So, you should get one of those.

Resolution is not the only spec you should be looking for, as frame rate is also essential. A minimum of 30 frames per second is recommended to avoid blurry video calls.

Of course, 60 frames per second is preferred. It will make you look more professional in your online meetings. 

Some other features you can look for when you are choosing a new webcam are the auto-focus and automatic light adjustment features. 

The autofocus feature is basic in your phone camera. It makes the lens focus quickly and automatically which will help the image become always stable. 

The automatic light adjustment feature will be excellent for dark rooms and low lighting and if you move between rooms when you use the webcam. 

Webcams also come with integrated microphones that now offer good quality. They will be good if you don't already have a higher quality microphone or if the microphone of your laptop is of bad quality. 

Bottom line

Zoom app

There are great apps you can use to turn your Android phone into a webcam and save the money while enjoying excellent video quality.

However, these apps don't totally rule out owning a high quality webcam that supports all video call applications, especially that nowadays webcams are affordable and of good quality. 

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