Best food and medicine delivery apps in Egypt


Best food and medicine delivery apps in Egypt

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most countries to implement difficult precautions including curfew, lockdown of cities and social distancing. However, it has also opened great opportunities to businesses that fit the new lifestyle, such as delivery apps.

Many people are using home delivery services to get their needs including food and medicine. This is to avoid contact with people and minimize the chance of disease transmission. 

For this purpose, mobile apps are a more attractive option to order compared to phone calls. Customers using these apps can get a closer experience to real shopping.

You can see pictures and videos of the products along with customers’ reviews. You can also compare and get suggestions for similar products nd many more features.

Best food and medicine delivery apps in Egypt


Otlob delivery apps

Otlob is the most famous app for home delivery of ready-to-eat foods in Egypt. The company was established in 1999, making it one of the first companies working in this field.

Otlob offers food delivery from thousands of local restaurants covering 25 cities in the country. The application has well designed user interface that offers several useful features.

Users can search for food from different cuisines and filter the results based on price, delivery fees or delivery area. It is also possible to arrange the results according to customer reviews, pricing or delivery time.

Additionally, the application offers payment using cash on delivery or online payment. Ordering using Otlob allows viewing the details of the menus including photos of the meals which helps you make the right choice.

The application commonly provides promotions and discounts. Some of them are offered exclusively on the app.

Otlob does not charge additional fees from the customer but they make money by collecting commission from restaurants for each successful order. The value of the commission varies from 5% to 25%. 

Uber Eats

Uber Eats delivery app

The application is a subsidiary for the American giant car sharing company Uber, which operates in 63 countries. Uber Eats was established in 2014 and is currently operating in more than 500 cities worldwide. The company entered Egypt in 2018.

Uber Eats offers foods from hundreds of restaurants in each city they operate in. The app also provides all the details for the order including prices, taxes and service fees in addition to the estimated delivery time.

Users can track their order during the delivery. Additionally, you can buy an electronic gift card to send to others. This can be a good chance for social communication in this period.

However, Uber Eats does not offer efficient customer service. Users can only contact customer service through chat, not phone calls. It is also not possible to cancel any order placed, even after a few minutes of placing the order. 


Akelni Food delivery app

Akelni is a smaller company for food delivery that is currently available in the Egyptian market. The company focuses on maintaining the speed of the delivery with an easy to use platform.

Akelni is available on all platforms including website, iOS application and Android application. The platform has an attractive and modern design. 


Order groceries with Jumia

If you want to prepare your food at home but you need to order groceries, you can do so while maintaining social distancing. Jumia is among the leading delivery apps for ordering groceries and fresh foods online.

Groceries are offered through a partnership with Carrefour, the largest hypermarket chain in Egypt. The application provides the same offers and discounts that are available at the store.

You can easily choose the quantities and variations of the products in an efficient way. However, some users say that delivery time is long. This can be a problem if the products need to be kept at a certain temperature.

Additionally, the availability of the products online is sometimes inaccurate. You may find that some of the orders you placed are not actually available in the store. 


Medicin delivery app

ELRoshetta is one of the largest delivery apps for medicines in Egypt. This platform delivers medicines from 400 pharmacies ensuring delivery within 30 – 45 minutes.

The app saves the previous orders to be easily repeated in the future. Additionally, it allows ordering through insurance companies, getting claims approvals, and to get suggestions for similar medicines.

The application offers constant discount of 10% on local medicine and 5% on imported products, which unfortunately violates the Egyptian law. The design of the app is too basic and might not be attractive for some. 


Order medications online

Yodawy is the largest platform for ordering medications online with pharmacy management system. They works with a network of more than 250,000 pharmacies.

The application has an attractive well-organized design that streamlines ordering medication and other healthcare products.

The platform also offers a way to receive digital prescriptions from physicians to eliminate the need for handwritten prescriptions.


medication delivery app

This is one of medication delivery apps with a large network of pharmacies. The company announced that they follow the model of “trivago” by aggregating pharmacy stores and services. The platform has an attractive design and points reward system. 

Online platforms for stores and chains

Online platforms for stores and chains

If you are a big fan of a specific restaurant, pharmacy, store or chain, you may choose to order directly from their website. This will save you time by searching this specific store instead of browsing thousands of products collected from various stores.

However, platforms that belong to certain stores are usually less developed compared to specialized websites. They rarely offer a loyalty or rewards system or other discounts similar to what you can find on specialized home delivery platforms. 

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