Virtual Assistant device and Artificial Intelligence Technology


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Virtual Assistant device and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Virtual Assistant device is a software based technology that runs by the command interpret by individual. It detects the individual’s command by text or voice and shows the results according. These devices had resolved the searching issues. Although, Google and other applications helps to search content real fast but virtual assistant devices can show the results immediately. Nowadays, the devices had been advancing and providing more assistance to the customers. These devices are rechargeable, portable and can detect human voice as well. For instance, an individual speaks “Show the distance from California to New York, the virtual assistant device would show the accurate results. Currently, there are different countries that had been introducing different VA devices. Initially it started by installing the application on mobile phones. Later Apple had introduced device with the remote. Nowadays, Apple, Google, Siri and Bixby are the famous Virtual Assistant Devices that are worth to purchase. The purpose of this article is to provide information about these devices with comparison and helps the customer to but best device for their assistance.


Alexa Show 

As its 2020, that means virtual assistant should be more advanced, for that purpose Alexa show 8 was introduced that consists of high quality sound and a good screen resolution. The price of Alexa show is $130 and worth to buy. However, it is difficult to access. Usually speakers help to enable the result and voice call but this device would be fit for chatting and video calls. That means now an individual can command Alexa and it will provide all the assistance on tour command. Alexa show is best for smart home and even travelers but as its screen is bug it might create troubles for carrying. Alexa Show has quality sound as compared to Google Net Hub and they both are tough competitor due to their quality.

Google Nest Hub

Google never fails to surprise their audience and always come up with quality products for the assistance of audience. They had recently introduced Google Nest Hub that provides virtual assistance on the individual’s command. Whether you want to search for pictures or need information regarding anything. It provides immediate results with pictures. According to the reviews the Google Net Hub achieved 8.5/10. It provides a great display and its sound quality is best for the music. However, voice deduction is average. The performance had received 6/10 that is due to the voice command detection. Moreover, the best features of this product are the brightness according to room that helps the audience to view screen. Although the appearance of Google Nest Hub is small but it would be appropriate for smart home and could be carry easily.

Siri (Apple’s Virtual Assistant)

Siri is one of the most advanced and quality virtual assistant device that was introduced by Apple Inc. As they provide quality products in high process, siri is expensive as compared to other devices. However, its quality has worth according to the pricing. Its slogan says” Siri lets you stay connected without lifting a finger”, this interpret that now users can command siri by voice and it will detect human voice and provide results accordingly. This virtual assistant provides reminders, follow instruction and even send messages according to the command by the users. As compared to Google and Alexa users are tend to purchase Siri due to quality and easy access. On rating scale, Siri had achieved 3.5/5. The company claims that the product is fast and provide immediate results on command. Still Siri could not beat Alexa as it consists of proper display and Siri lacks display but accept command by voice instructions.

Bixby (Samsung’s Virtual Assistant)

Bixby is the virtual assistant that was introduced Samsung, Initially they had introduce virtual assistant in 2017 and from that time they had improved their product by enhancing the quality and services that could match the Google Nest Hub and Alexa. Bixby voice wakeup was a reminder that was introduced in 2019 and in the same year Bixby voice was introduced. With the help of Bixby voice users can provide command to the Bixby and it shows results accordingly. However, the device does not match the quality of Alexa or even Siri. It needs to enhance more and must enhance their sound and voice command quality to achieve sustainbale profitability. However, the company had somehow achieved average response from the users and might get good response if they improve the voice command quality.



Users prefer those products that provide them quality and have adequate pricing. In my opinion, I would prefer virtual assistance device that provide me proper sound quality, good display and have unique features. It is impossible to get a device that consists of all the features with high quality. The preference should be the one that have proper features and claims quality with adequate pricing. We had testes the virtual assistants devices mentioned above and the reviews according to the users, Google Nest is better than Alexa Show and Alexa is better than Siri. The first priority should be Google Nest Hub due to its quality screen features, performance and voice command quality. However, Alexa show does not have such screen features. Siri is the third best quality as it could not match the quality of Alexa and Google Nest Hub. For the users who travel a lot, Siri would be better but if someone is looking for their smart home Google Nest Hub would be appropriate. On testing it was determined that Alexa show has more frequent power to detect voice and show results as compared to Siri. It could be use by travelers as well but as its screen is big, that might create trouble to carry. Bixby would not be a good choice for the users as it is new in market and does not have proper voice command features. On testing it was concluded that Bixby should improve their sound quality and voice command features and that’s the reason it does not have market demand as compared to Siri.