Smart Xiaomi Mi Band


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Smart Xiaomi band is an activity tracker that is wearable and is produced by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi band is unveiled on launch events of Xiaomi on 22 July 2014. Smart Xiaomi band is offering color touch screen LCD, customizable faces of the watch, water resistance and a strap that is long lasting and comfortable. The specifications of the Smart Xiaomi band includes vibrate alert for notifications and call, fitness monitor, sleep tracker, water resistance, unlocking the android phones without passwords, standby power of 30 days and sleep cycle alert for alarms. One can access monitoring of the heart rate, details of the workout, weather notifications and music control that are accessible from the band directly. These bands more precisely monitor the 24 hour health monitoring, including tracking and monitoring of the menstrual cycle. This band resembles the design of a bracelet that is wearable on either ankle, around neck or hands. The location of the band can be adjusted through the official app of Mi band that is called Mi Fit which is now replaced by Mi Health. This band is hypo allergic and has anti-microbial and anti-UV properties. The band has a strap that is comfortable, and as it is lightly weighted, so it is easy to use and is easily wearable all day without any discomfort. Concerning the quality of the image, the display on the Smart Xiaomi band is adequate entirely. Xiaomi Company has a significant emphasis on the quality assurance and innovative products; the company is continuously working on producing high quality products having high quality experience of the user and the operational effectiveness and efficiency.  The company is working on producing bands having high quality, improving the services of the product and offering the products at a fantastic prize that can be easily accessible by every individual to let everyone enjoy a better and healthy life by using such innovative products.

smart xiaomi band

Online Stores

The products that achieve a great attention by the audience usually became priority for the online stores as the customer’s demand started to increase. In that case, they have to order for the stock of such products and increase their value services by offering discounts. Those online stores that always manage to provide high quality product will always get positive response and some of the stores sell copied of the original product. The online store’s operations could be analyzed by the reviews and their engagement with the customers. If they interact with their customers, they would be appropriate store to shop expensive products. Concerning the Xiaomi Band, this product had achieved highest demand that creates challenge for the online stores to maintain availability and quality products. Mentioned below are the three online stores that would be discussed and according to the research, best online store will be determined. This would help the customers to shop their Xiaomi Band from the store that claims to provide them quality and services to enhance the customer’s loyalty.

eBay Online Store

eBay is one of highest ranking online store for electronic devices and usually people prefer this store due to their discounted offers. However, only discounted offers doesn’t matter but their quality and services matters a lot. On analyzing the store it was concluded that they dint mention any reviews but the ratio of sold items. Few products consist of reviews that interpret less than 4 stars. Other than this, they sale products from different regions that mean the products might be copied from original and must have quality issues. Lastly they should create organized online store and must focus on SEO to engage customers. Although they had sold several Xiaomi band but for future sell they should improve their marketing strategy by adding value services.

smart xiaomi band

Geek Buying

This is another online store that is famous for their services and selling quality products. Almost on every occasion they provide discounted offers and currently due to Christmas they had mentioned discounted rates as well. On analyzing their site, it was concluded that they had managed the store properly and worked on SEO as well. Moreover, each Xiaomi product had been mentioned properly with their rates as well as reviews. The reviews of each product interprets that they provide quality products and hence their selling are better than EBay. Moreover, they have proper shopping cart and customer services that could be easily identified at the site. This makes the Geek Buying appropriate for the online buyers.

Deal Extreme

This is another platform for the online buyers to get their electronic devices in affordable rates. Deal Extreme also provide discounted rates for the customers so they can enjoy the products and shop again from their site. Moreover, they provide other electronic devices of the same company that are highly rated for the customer’s convenience. Such strategies are considered as profitable marketing strategy that leads to profitable revenue. On analyzing the site it was concluded that, they do not focus on online site to make it attractive for customers. Each Xiaomi products have their discounted rates but didn’t mentioned the region and the reviews. Usually, customers prefer those sites where they can communicate with the representatives and share their queries as well. Most importantly, they dint mention the reviews that might leads to difficulties in decision making for the customers. Therefore, they should improve their SEO and marketing techniques to attract customers.


The appropriate online store or site would be the one that fulfill the customer’s requirements and manage to provide value added services. Moreover, they should interact and communicate with the public to resolve their issues. Even if the products have issues and the store would replace or communicate effectively, they would be able to get positive response. This article consists of online stores and the availability of Xiaomi Band. Each of the store was critically analyzed t determine the appropriate online store. Among these, Geek Buying has more chances to achieve sustainbale profitability and surely they would be able to get high response from the targeted audience.