Top 4 Colocation Centers in the Middle East


Colocation centers are those which rent out data center infrastructure (including server space, bandwidth, equipment) for your business’ data requirements. There are several advantages of choosing colocation instead of owning a dedicated data center for your business, especially if your IT needs are neither too small nor too large. These include lower costs, speeds to suit your needs, high flexibility (including the ability to expand whenever you need without much trouble), among others. For businesses looking for colocation centers in the Middle East, the following list gives four of the best colocation data centers that can cater to your needs:

Equinix: This is one of the top colocation providers, not just in the Middle East, but in the entire world. The company provides excellent operational reliability and helps you to protect your data that are very critical for your operations with their very high security standards. Your business will be able to make use of the ecosystem of the company’s IBX data center in order to easily connect with your not just your business partners, clients and/or customers, but also to other enterprises that are connected to the nearly 1000 networks that the data center plays host to. In the Middle East region, Equinix has its infrastructure – that includes a total of 1700 square meters of space dedicated solely to colocation – located in Dubai. Their center also hosts the UAE-IX, which is the UAE Internet Exchange – a platform that connects networks, operators as well as content providers from all over the world.

IPTP: With two centers in Cyprus – Nicosia and Limassol – and one in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai – IPTP is a good option for your colocation requirements in the Middle East. IPTP, too, like Equinix has a fairly large global presence and is quite well known for its colocation services. It’s infrastructure has proven to be useful for various industries in various sectors, including banking, media, and other financial corporations. For your high bandwidth needs and very high security needs, IPTP is a great option. IPTP provides ports with bandwidths of up to 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, and 10000 Mbps and a worldwide network connectivity. A 24/7 technical support is also available. They offer a range of Supermicro servers that are pretested and ready for use. Whatever your business model, IPTP will give you customized and easily configurable and upgradeable services.

Mobily: A telecommunications company, Mobily has data centers in numerous locations in Saudi Arabia. It provides both national and international colocation services. Mobily offers both caged as well as uncaged service. Uncaged racks that the company offers take up a space of 2 square meters per rack whereas the caged racks offered take up a space of 3 square meters per rack; however, if you opt for more than 10 servers, then the space per caged rack goes down to 2.7 square meters per rack. The company provides colocation through via open area facility. The colocation services are offered on Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 infrastructures in different locations. Tier 2 facilities are available in Madinnah, Malga, Sulay, and Unaizah; Dammam and Jeddah have Tier 3 facilities; and Mobily offers one Tier 4 facility in Malga. The company’s technical and security staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dubai Silicon Oasis: Located in Dubai, Dubai Silicon Oasis offers two data centers built on a Tier 3 architecture. Both centers offer a redundancy of N+1 for each rack and give you a very large uptime. Their services, like those offered by other colocation service providers, will be designed specifically for the business requirements of your organization. Their infrastructure is protected with the help of 24/7 surveillance and security, leakage detection and fire suppression systems. The data centers of Dubai Silicon Oasis are carrier neutral facilities and they offer technical support to deal with all of your problems.