How to Look Better in Online Meetings: Your Ultimate Guide


How to Look Better in Online Meetings: Your Ultimate Guide

The coronavirus outbreak affected most people around the world. Some started working remotely spending their workday in online meetings while others lost their jobs.

A 'working from home policy' has been established by many companies around the world. Many employees are exploring the challenges and changes of working remotely. 

And if you are working remotely, video meetings are probably part of your work even if you don't like them. Zoom has seen huge growth in the number of users.

In addition, many other major companies like Facebook and Google introducing or reintroducing video communication solutions. 

Whatever the service you use for online meetings, one of the concerns you may have is looking good and professional on these meetings. To find out how you can look your best in online video meetings, we gathered the following tips for you.

Optimize the lighting

Optimize lighting to look better online

One of the best things you can start with to look better in online meetings is to optimize your lighting setting. You need to brighten your skin and make your face look better like those CEOs in online meetings.

Make a front facing light if you can. This is one of the easy tricks of looking better and more professional. If you can't put a front facing light yet, use the sunlight by facing the window and not the opposite. 

It is easy to do this by putting the desk or table, on which the desktop or laptop is, facing the window. 

If the light comes from behind, it will have a negative effect on how your face looks. It makes you look tired, dark and sometimes creepy.

It can also make your face not clear and can even make unclear spots on the screens of people you are meeting. This is a very easy tip that YouTubers use to look better. 

Choose the right angle 

right angle for online meetings

The angle of the standalone webcam or the laptop is important if you care about looking better. This is one of the tips social media stars and YouTube professionals know. 

All you need to do is to keep the camera at a higher level than your eyes. This makes your face look better and makes a big difference. A bunch of books can work for lifting the camera or the laptop. 

Give your skin more care 

better looking skin onine

Sitting close to the camera in online meetings make your face details look very clear. This means any problem with your skin will appear clearly. While this is okay, it would be better solved if possible. 

It is suggested to use skincare products to make your skin look better and to hide any defects that can show up on camera and make you look less ideal. Also, a tinted moisturizer can be used just before a meeting starts.

Consider a professional background 

Consider a professional background for online meetings

Homes aren't prepared for meetings like offices. That is one big problem with online meetings from home. You may be attending the meeting from your bedroom and don't know what is best to look professional. 

While you may think a busy background is perfect, but professionals advise on having a white or solid color background.  This will look simpler and more professional.

If you are going with a more detailed background with some of your surroundings instead of a solid colour, make sure your surroundings are clean and no one comes from behind to put you through an embarrassing situation. 

Also take good care of how you are dressed. Surely you don't want to accidentally reveal yourself dressing like you are going to bed. Always stick with the best practices like you do at the office and try to look professional with your clothes and everything you do and show. 

If you don't have a dedicated space, then you can make use of the custom background feature in applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. They let you make custom backgrounds of one colour easily with some other choices. 

Test before going live 

Test before going live

Online meetings have a great advantage over in-person meetings, and it is the ability to test how you will look before the real meeting.

After setting up your place, lighting and taking care of your face and clothes, make sure you make a test to see how you look.

You can also make a small test of how you look while talking to help yourself improve, as you will have no time to take care of this in real meetings. 

Invest in a good camera 

Invest in a good webcam for online meetings

If you have bought your laptop several years ago, then it probably has a camera with an unacceptable quality for now. It may be even a low quality 720p camera that offers a low frame rate. 

You need to invest in a camera that offers a good quality. If you were planning on buying a new laptop soon then the time has come. You can also consider using your smartphone camera with your laptop or desktop as a webcam. 

Also, if you are using headphones, you better buy a high-end good looking ones so you look your best in online meetings.

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