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make money online

Making money online is not always a scam. Internet use is expanding everyday and there are more ways to offer your services to other people over the internet and earn money for real work you do. If you have been thinking about ways to earn extra money or if you want to work from home or remotely then we're happy to tell you that there are platforms to make money online. It's possible to earn thousands or sometimes millions of dollars online.

The following are some major websites or platforms to make money online:

1.     Tutoring Platforms

The concept of learning online is widely accepted around the world. There are hundreds of programs that are entirely offered online which provide people from all countries the chance to get quality education when they cannot travel to learn.

However, it is not currently limited to these programs. Students in formal education may also get some extra tutoring from teachers online to understand difficult topics or topics with limited resources in the school. Some websites may also offer students the chance to get simulation of experiments that are normally done in school labs.

online tutoring

If you are a teacher of any subject and you have the language and communication skills then you are a good candidate to earn money by offering online education services. There are several tutoring websites dedicated for these services including, Yup,, GoFLUENT, Qkids and Skooli. You have to do some research to determine which websites are the most suitable platforms to make money by offering your courses to people.

2.     Selling Photos

Having an advanced camera with lots of accessories is not enough to get the right photo. Photography is a talent that requires knowledge and skills to capture a unique photo. Some photos may cost thousands of dollars to capture. Photographers may stay for weeks in a forest or an isolated island to get a photo of a rare animal or phenomenon.

The good news is that there are people who value these photos and will pay the right amount for it. If you have the talent and skills to get unique photos but you still do not know how to earn money from this, you should probably check these websites where you can sell your photos: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy and photomoto.

3.     Art and Designs

designer work online

If you are a talented and creative artist or designer then you definitely have a great chance to make good money by offering your work online. This work may include interior designs, graphic designs, infographs, paints or any other type of arts.

You may think of presenting your work portfolio so you can attract clients and make real money from your talent. It is a great chance to keep your passion and earn your living with your talent. If you know your passion and talent then you should check one of these platforms to make money: ArtYah, Zazzle, Yokaboo, Saatchi, CafePress, UncommonGoods and RubyLane.

4.     Blog Writing

Blogs have gained huge importance in recent years mainly for their role in marketing and influencing people’s choices. In 2011,, which is a gaming blog, was sold for a record $100 million. There are several other blogs that have been sold for similar values including and which were sold for $90 million and $33 million, respectively.

If you have the talent to write blog articles then it is probably a good idea to start earning money by writing some interesting blogs. You may write articles through some of the several platforms that buy articles to be published on related blogs and start earning money directly. These websites include: Listverse, Mental Floss, ProBlooger and Contently. If you want a better investment for the future then you may think about building your own blog and make sure to offer interesting and unique content to gain more popularity for your blog.

5.     Writing eBooks

write ebooks online

If you are interested in more organized and longer writings then you may be interested in writing eBooks. Writing eBooks requires more effort and takes more time compared to writing short articles or blogs. However, writing eBooks is a very good investment for the future since you will continue to get money for each time your book is sold. Some people make great fortune from writing an eBook.

Amazon introduced eBooks in its current form in 2007 with the introduction of Kindle reader. It was estimated that sales of eBooks exceeded traditional books in 2017. There are several platforms that can help you write and market your first eBook or write for others as a ghost writer: Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, iBooks Author, Blurb and Smashwords.

6.     Surveys

Recent trends in marketing are heavily focusing on clients and listening to their feedbacks and needs. Accordingly, companies may invest large sums of money in collecting opinions from people. If you do not have specific skills, you can still make money by answering surveys. These may be surveys for digital marketing, social studies or collecting data for business plans for example.  There are several websites where you can find surveys to answer including Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, CashKarma, MyPoints, InboxDollars and VIP Voice.

7.     General freelancer platforms

freelancer platforms

If you have the skills and you are really up to the challenge, you may choose to build your profile on one of the freelancer websites. There is a lot of real work there with millions of jobs posted yearly and billions of dollars paid. You are expected to provide high quality work and to deal professionally with clients to build your reputation.

In websites such as Upwork and, clients post jobs and freelancers place their bids to get hired for these jobs. This is suitable when you can compete with good work quality. In other websites as Fiverr, freelancers offer their services for specific value and then clients search for the service they need from those offered. This would be a better choice when you have a specific and relatively unique service or product you can offer.

In this article, we showed some of the most common ways and platforms to make money online but this list is not inclusive. You can always think of your own way and there are countless opportunities in this limitless world of the internet.

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