Top Backup Software of 2015


Protecting confidential data is the first task of all IT maintenance staff within an organisation. While most software that take backups on schedule automatically some external backup devices require users to carry out the procedure manually. Computer failures are disastrous if the data has not been backed up as once the hard disk crashes no data can be recovered from it. Both backup methods of keeping data backup i.e. on physical discs or cloud backups are safe enough.

Best software preferred by IT professional

1. Paragon Backup and Recovery

One of the earliest backup software, Paragon handles both data based files and sector files along with several media files. Though it does not have any online storage options it can take backups of a wide variety of media. For creating server backup of 50 GB it takes only 26 minutes and saves space when compared to traditional file backup. The backup data is compatible to Windows 8 and is ideal during data migration between hard drives and hardware upgradation.

2. Crash Plan Software

This is one of most reliable backup software which performs automatic online backup and saves this on to a secure server. The online version is free to use for personal computer owners who can use this option to save the content to a friend’s or relative’s computer on the internet. Corporates use the Central version which stores data backup on online servers without any limit for stored data.

3. Novabackup Professional

The settings of this backup software are easy to configure and operations go on in the background allowing user to work on server and arrange email alerts for verification of backups. Its backup wizard encrypts backups and stores data on specific destination folder while enabling virus scans and email notifications.

4. Securstore Software

This is a cloud based software backup system based in Canada which helps protect data from all kinds of locational disasters. Most companies worry about data that is stored in the same place as the source data and this problem can be sorted out by cloud based data backup sources. This secure software also makes a duplicate copy of client’s backup data that is stored in an undisclosed site along with the one stored in office network server.

5. Easeus Todo Backup

This easy to use backup software product provides backups for both file and system along with an easy to use interface. With its full backup plan the software is able to make file copies every time and only new changes in existing files are made. When files are deleted from real source then they get automatically deleted from backup too.

6. Acronis Tru Image

With breezy new interface the latest version of True Image takes user data to the cloud and is user friendly. The backups can be done with minimal prompt questions and it can perform backups of files and images within a short period of time. You can choose to keep both an onsite backup and offsite cloud backup copy of your data for security purposes.

7. O&O DiskRecovery 9 Professional

This is more of a disc recovery tool that is built to fish out files that have been deleted by error through a wizard that asks several questions while carrying out the analysis. Besides doing a detailed scan of data in the network to search for missing file, the software also displays a list of data available in the drive.

8. Pipemetrics Bvckup2

It is one of the best fastest and most reliable backup software with intelligent features which work automatically after first setup. Its Delta copying feature increases the speed of backups and is ideal for home users. The software has valuable features like intelligent error handling along with details of logs of every computer in the network.

9. Genie Backup Manger

This backup program is ideally suited to household networks comprising of a few laptops and maybe a desktop. Files comprising of pictures, music and other content can be compressed at a face pace and backups can be made in compressed form and stored at the primary company office and the internet cloud at an extra price.

10. Symantec System Recovery

This business class data protection system is easy to use and supports AES encryption along with offsite backup facility.