12 tips to speed up your WiFi connection


12 tips to speed up your WiFi connection

Internet is something we now use throughout the day. Whether for work or leisure, we all want a reliable internet connection and nothing can frustrate us more than a slow WiFi connection. Apart from the hard to implement or expensive solutions, here are some easy tricks to speed up your slow internet connection and help you get a more reliable one. 

12 tips to fix your slow WiFi connection

Monitoring your quota 

Your internet quota is the first thing you should check if you have a slow WiFi connection. ISPs set certain limits for every internet subscription where downloads, uploads and any internet usage counts. To avoid this, you should be monitoring your internet usage to avoid passing the limit and getting your connection speed down. 

There is actually nothing you can do other than not passing your monthly limit, or you can buy a larger internet package or even change to an ISP that offers better reduced speeds when the quota is finished. To monitor your data usage, you can visit the website of your ISP which often has the data. 

Resetting your router 

Resetting your router can do wonders for a slow internet connection. One of the very first solutions to try out if you get a slow connection is resetting your router and setting the basic preferences again. If you have an access point connected, you may need to try to reset it too. 

Also before resetting, you may need to try restarting it. Restarting the router or the access point may solve the problem without any need to go anywhere further. 

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Repositioning the router 

Problems with router

The WiFi signal may be simply the reason behind the slow internet connection. You may need to reposition the router or get nearer to it to solve this. You may also consider buying a WiFi range extender or an access point if the problem persists and you find your connection dropping or becoming slow at a specific location of your home. 

Trying out ethernet 

Wireless connections can be a reliable solution right now, but if you got a problem with your WiFi connection then you should try an ethernet wired connection to test if the problem is with the WiFi or the internet connection itself. If the problem is with the internet connection, you may call the ISP to ask about what is wrong with it. 

Trying ad blockers  

The problem of your slow internet may be because of the content provider itself. Ads are everywhere online and wherever you go there are advertisements. And whether these ads annoy you or not, they may be slowing down the loading of pages. 

One of the available solutions are fortunately ad blockers, as they will stop these autoplay videos running automatically. This can empty some room for your connection to load the content you are originally loading. 

Using an up-to-date browser

Your internet browser is your window to all the websites, so you should keep it updated to avoid finding yourself stuck with a slow connection for this simple reason. Also choose a browser that is tested to be among the top browsers in terms of performance, which are typically Chrome from Google, Firefox from Mozilla and Safari from Apple. 

Scanning your PC for viruses 

Causes of slow WiFi connection

The reason behind a slower internet connection may be a virus or malware on your computer. Using an antivirus to scan your PC will be a great thing to do. You may also use the software for further protection. Softwares also scan your PC for viruses and malware periodically to keep your device safe.

Considering a new ISP

In cases where the problems of a slow Wifi internet connection persists, you can always consider changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This may not be a simple solution, but if the ISP is giving you a slow internet connection for some reason then nothing would help. Check the available deals and determine if you would like to join another ISP or not. 

Checking your hardware limitations 

If you have a lightning fast internet connection and a router that doesn't support the speed, then you won't benefit from this speed. Every WiFi router has its limitations, and even for the wireless connection there is a limit for the bandwidth of the connected devices. Check your device limitations to determine if there is another problem or if that is just the limit of the device. 

Trying out a new DNS server 

Any address you visit through the internet is translated by the computer into a computer friendly IP address, which happens through something called DNS, or Dynamic Name Server. These servers can have problems and may result in problems with your internet connection, whether it is through WiFi or a cable. 

You can fortunately change your DNS, and you have plenty of choices. The most famous choices are always the Google and Cloudflare DNS and you can also check a tool called Namebench to compare the available ones and determine the fastest for you. 

Optimizing your devices for slow connection

How to fix slow internet WiFi connection

If you have your quota finished and there are still days until you are back with the full speed, then you can consider this solution. Set your browsers into modes made for slow connections. For Chrome it's Lite Mode and for Opera it is Turbo mode and so on. These modes will load more lightweight copies of the websites you are going to open leading to more speedy internet usage. 

Turning off certain apps and features 

Certain features and apps consume your internet without you noticing. For example, if you have a file synchronization feature activated, it may be transferring files without warning leading to a slower connection. Also some updates are done in the background without any notification. 

Windows 10 does this by default, so you should be careful if you are using it, as it may update over WiFi connections without telling you anything. It may also upload data through your internet connection leasing to the consumption of your quota. So head to Windows Update settings and choose the best setting that suits your connection. 

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