Video Conferencing Systems: How to choose the right one


How to choose the right video conferencing system

Technology has changed communication in many ways in recent years. Businesses have benefited a lot from this with a total change of how they communicate in the inside and how they communicate with partners, suppliers, investors and customers through various systems including video conferencing systems. 

One of the communication systems we have seen thrive was video conferencing systems. That was for good reasons as these systems can increase productivity and reduce wasted time while cutting down travel expenses. 

What does video conferencing mean?

Generally, video conferencing refers to online meeting through the internet whether laptops or mobile phones or any other devices being used. For businesses, meetings can have a large number of participants so dedicated systems are used with many features that increase the possibilities of making work easier. There are many benefits for businesses with video conferencing systems, and here are the top ones. 

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Top benefits of video conferencing systems for businesses

Benefits of video conferencing systems for businesses

More freedom for employees 

Video conferencing enables you to give more freedom to your employees, helping in creating a better culture and increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Wherever your employee is, you can communicate with them efficiently and improve your collaboration through video meetings. 

Better team management 

Teams using collaboration solutions provided by video conferencing systems can improve their ability to collaborate and work together. Audio calls, video conference, screen sharing and instant messaging are among the core features that will facilitate how teams work together. Simple user interfaces make all of this happen without complications or need to learn anything new.  

Time for remote working 

Remote working can definitely increase the number of talents your company can acquire, and video conferencing systems can help you bring remote workers with in-office employees to work together efficiently. Without wasting time and without travel costs, the systems will enable them to connect and collaborate on large projects efficiently. 

Video conference systems are now reliable 

Video conferencing systems are now more reliable than ever. Systems are now easy to use and setup. They also offer no downtime and excellent integration with other services including cloud storage. This means the problems of the past are now over and there are much less technical difficulties everyday. These systems are also much safer today and there is no need to manage data manually.

How to choose the best video conference system? 

Best video conferencing systems

Number of participants 

The maximum number of participants who are going to use the system is a main factor when choosing the system. Some services allow a small number of participants for free, while the amount of the subscription fee depends on the number of participants using the system at the same time. For small companies, these fees are typically small. 

Number of allowed video streams 

While services may allow a large number of participants, even thousands, there is also another factor you should consider when choosing the right system. The number of video streams is also limited and independent of the number of participants. Each service offers a certain number of allowed video feeds and you need to be careful that what is offered is sufficient. 

Ease of interface 

A user friendly interface will have a great effect on the usage of the video conference system. Beside efficient usage, new employees will be able to start using a clean and organized interface easily without needing much training.

Supported meeting types

Before choosing a video conference service, you need to determine the types of meetings you are going to have, so that you are not surprised that there is a type of meeting you want and is not supported. For example, will you need a meeting where other participants are muted? Or Q&A forums where advanced features would help? It all depends on your needs and you should be looking up the supported features of the video conference rooms. 

Smartphone experience 

Mobile devices are essential for us, and we use them all the time. An excellent mobile experience makes sure participants are communicating efficiently. The features brought to the mobile experience are also as important as the reliability of the application. 

Audio and video recording 

Saving audio and video recordings is sometimes essential. You would want to come back and replay an audio or a video for whatever reason, and you don't want much hassle when you do so. Checking the details of the recording feature offered will help you choose the best service. You can also check the supported cloud services as the cloud will be an excellent choice for saving audio and video safely. 

Screen sharing features 

Screen sharing is an important video conference feature. You would want to explain points in a presentation or show an employee how to do something and this feature will save your time. 

Room system integration

Room video conference systems are among the most used ones. As the name suggests, they work by setting a specific room for video meetings. Checking whether the video conference service will integrate with the room system is important, if you are planning to purchase or already own a room video conference system. 

Additional applications 

Video conference services allow using additional applications like PowerPoint, Calendar or note-taking apps. These apps can save time and may be essential for a reliable service. Check the available third party applications before purchasing a video conference service. 

Customer service

Although video conferencing systems are now reliable, you may still face technical problems. You won't like a service provider who doesn't take care of their clients and you would want reliable customer services to assist you quickly and solve your problem. 

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Future of video conferencing systems

New technologies will continue enhancing the video conference experience. Cloud-based systems are rapidly improving and becoming more reliable. Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are set to enable virtual room experiences where participants feel like being physically in the same room. Artificial intelligence may also find its way in enhancing the video conferencing experience.