Best IaaS Providers for Dubai


The global metropolis of Dubai is home to numerous business establishments. The following UAE based companies can provide them with the right IaaS solutions.


They provide a CloudHPT infrastructure as a high performance technology cloud server which is built on Cisco for the most critical business applications. All their cloud servers are located in various regions across UAE, which are hosted inside highly guarded and well-maintained Datacenters called Equinix. Their enterprise level tiered storage and security has given them a competitive edge in the market.

Since their services are open source in nature, they are available for almost every operating system. Facilities for self-service portal and 24/7 business focused SLA/support enables their customers to quickly fix any small issues or queries. You can try their cloud services by signing up for a 7-day free trial.

Skye UAE

It is one of the first service providers who went for a locally hosted cloud computing. They have worked with multiple corporations and manufacturers in developing a robust, high-performance and highly accessible public cloud platform.

Its streamlined design enables an optimized delivery of IT solutions. Costs are reduced and server sprawls are efficiently replaced with an easy-to-manage, scalable infrastructure. Licensing can be obtained on pay-as-you-go model. The technology for Skye UAE cloud is obtained from tier 1 vendors such as HP server infrastructure, Cisco, VMWare and Microsoft Licensing (SPLA).


They have a fully developed cloud platform in one of the Middle East’s most secure data center. They provide a wide range of cloud services that include both IaaS and SaaS. Provision of quickly scalable and flexible requirements for cloud computing has enabled them to realize cost-effective service in the region. Their aim is to provide an agile service with importance given to data security and sovereignty, which at the same time is highly efficient and simple.

IaaS services are extended through a public cloud to help businesses to meet their requirements. A hybrid public/private cloud service is also available with full platform orchestration capability.


Etisalat Cloud Compute offers IaaS solutions by abstracting IT hardware elements into a pool of resources that can be delivered as services for the processing, storage, memory and networking needs. Their goal is to set new standards in virtual operating environment by providing a highly flexible service.

They provide both public and hybrid cloud facilities. A high level infrastructure security is strengthened by an IPS/IDS firewall, ACL and 24/7 monitoring, along with a combination of intrusion detection and prevention systems. The second layer of security includes anti-malware, spam filtering, application controls and log inspection. Such a tightly knit security system will make sure that their clients operate in a highly safe and unbreachable virtual environment.


Managed services provide high end IT infrastructure solutions in a very quick time and cost effective way. They are ideal for businesses who look to launch hosted solutions in the region of Middle East or Africa. The provision of competitive Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps their clients to support their online operations with hardware infrastructure support such as servers, networks and storage. Scalability of their infrastructure model will allow the clients to adjust the size of infrastructure according to their growing needs.

They provide support for either Linux or Windows operating systems and feature a fully managed secure hosting to protect their clients’ interests. Experienced is available online 24/7 for customer service support.


Buzinessware brings highly reliable cloud servers from world class data centers across the UAE. They use the latest Intel XEON processors and enterprise SSD RAID 10 storage facility. A high performance is provided by their ability to deploy and scale virtual machines in a quick span of time. 10 GBPS bonded network is dedicated to avoid any point of failures. An advanced Internet protocol is used on all of its virtual machines which are embedded in a secured control panel.