10 Best Cloud Storage Services for the Middle East in 2015


10 best cloud storage services | Dealna

Cloud storage is the new norm for all storage solutions. There are many services available which can store crucial data on their high end servers. Such data can be accessed on the go. We take a look at some of the best cloud service providers for Middle East Nations.


Users of Linux and Blackberry are well represented in the users of Dropbox. The service is available for other well-known platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

It provides a free account with basic storage capabilities of capacity up to 2 GB. Upgrading to 1TB storage will cost a subscription charge of £7.99. Another unique offer from Dropbox allows users to gain free additional 500 MB of storage in referrals.

Google Drive

Google drive services are automatically enabled for all existing Google Accounts, along with a host of other applications. It provides a free storage space of 15 GB which is seven times bigger than that of Dropbox. It also provides storage space for other Google services such as Gmail and Google+.


It provides a free storage space up to 10 GB. Premium plans for $6 per month provides a 100 GB storage space but individual file size is limited to 2 GB. Unlimited storage can be obtained for $17 per month with file size limited to 5 GB.


It’s a well-known cloud storage service developed by online security experts Barracuda. The basic free storage with Copy’s cloud services is extended up to 20 GB. Premium plans are priced at $4.99 per month for 250 GB storage space. Additional storage space can be obtained for free by using the referral service.

One Drive

Computer giant Microsoft introduced its own cloud storage services called Sky Drive, and was later re-branded as One Drive. It offers a free storage space of 7 GB on its own network. Basic storage space can be increased to 20 GB by using an Office 365 subscription. Accessing and editing Microsoft Office documents has never been so easy before.

Cloud me

Cloud me offers a unique service of standalone desktop capabilities with its cloud services. It provides a free storage of 19 GB, with individual file sizes restricted to 150 MB. If you use the cloud service with multiple devices, then it is easier to organize them as it creates separate folders for each devices.

Sugar sync

It is known as a good alternative service to Drop Box, by providing the advantage of device and folder specificity. Multimedia files can be easily viewed by streaming them on the drive. It is one of the favorite cloud services for advanced users. It offers a free space of 6 GB, and pricing can vary between $99.99 per year and $550 per year for 250 GB and 1000 GB respectively.

Amazon cloud drive

E-commerce giant Amazon launched its own cloud service called Amazon cloud drive. It offers 5 GB of free storage space. It known for its automatic backup feature with which unprecedented data losses can be prevented. It can provide up to 1000 GB of free storage for $500 per year. Other subscription amounts are $10 per year for 20 GB and $25 per year for 50 GB.

Team drive

Germany based cloud collaboration tool called Team drive provides a unique syncing feature between different systems and users. Their free storage lasts for 2 GB. Premium subscription charges of €5.03 per month for 10 GB, €12.56 for 25 GB and €25.12 for 50 GB.


If security in cloud is your concern, then Wuala should be the way to go. They take great care in their encryption to offer better security for your files stored on the cloud. They offer a free storage of 5 GB, with €2.99 per month for 20 GB, €5.99 for 50 GB and €9.99 for 100 GB.