Do Wearable Devices have any Use in Business


Wearable devices such as Apples’ iWatch, Googles’ Glasses and Samsung Galaxy’s’ Gear smartwatches have given rise to an interesting question – ‘Do wearable devices have any use in business?’

The answer to the interesting question is yes.

Wearable devices are still new to the market and haven’t yet established or carved a segment for themselves. While the opportunity to become common place in business exists, but whether or not it does become prevalent ultimately depends on consumers.

What are wearable devices?

If you are not familiar with wearable devices, here is a quick overview:

A wearable device is a miniature computing tool that can be worn on the body or attached to a piece of clothing. These devices are connected to the Internet or a phone via Bluetooth. The purpose of these devices could be to relay information in real time or to collect data in real time. For example, the Google Glass supplies the wearer with information on demand such as detailed information about the movie shows currently playing on entering a Cineplex.

Wearable device uses in business

Wearable devices have potential to be useful in the following business and professional situations:

· Wearable devices can offer emergency workers and search as well as rescue workers hands-free access to tracking information and climate conditions.

· The devices can help doctors monitor patients’ vitals and send any changes in information to the doctors in real time.

· These devices can be used by astronauts or even technicians to verify data or blueprints while conducting repairs.

· The devices can be used by the military to access coordinates, tracking data and so on

· Wearable devices can be used by stock brokers to keep track of the share market from any location.

In short, wearable devices can prove to be handy in many situations where instant data is required.

Wearable devices: An unsurpassed marketing and advertising opportunity

If leveraged carefully, wearable devices could become a boon to advertising and marketing teams. They will be able to target market or advertise products to those interested, based on the users demands. It will increase conversion rates to an unprecedented level.

Wearable devices: A potential boon or business risk?

Wearable devices have a lot of potential in the business world, but they also represent a great source of risk. If wearable devices invade the corporate world like mobile phones or tablets, you open up your business to unknowing security risks. Any employee who walks through your doors wearing a wearable computing device could be a security leak.

As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages of wearable devices from instant data access for doctors to a source of potential corporate security leaks. However, wearable devices are still new, they have not yet established a presence in the lives of the masses. Until they become prevalent, it is pointless to worry. We will just have to wait and see if and how these wearable computing devices affect the business environment.