COVID19: Best Free Antivirus Software for Remote Workers

Best free antivirus software

As remote work brings many benefits for businesses, there are some challenges that emerge. One of the challenges is the responsibility of employees to keep work files safe. Antivirus software have never been more important.

With many types of viruses and malwares that can steal your work files or encrypt them, causing big problems for you, you surely need an antivirus to protect your work and time.

Antivirus software can be useful for people using computers running Windows, Mac or Linux. The great power that comes with these powerful operating systems also brings a threat of many viruses and malware that can harm computers.

Of course the level of threat depends on the type of PC usage. However, everyone wants better protection.

Viruses and malware are truly evolving. In recent years, we have seen the rise of ransomware that encrypts files leading to the loss of these files in case you don't pay the ransom.

Surely those hackers are more interested in attacking work computers, especially that more people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Antivirus software are also evolving with so much R&D to prevent these threats. It is not easy to choose one software among the available choices especially if you want a free one. So, here we are comparing the best free antivirus software to protect your computer.

Best free antivirus software for remote workers


Avira free antivirus software

Avira is one of the most famous antivirus software, and that is for clear reasons. As one of the greatest available choices, the program is easy to use.

It offers solid protection estimated at 99.9% protection rate according to one research. The research was conducted in the paid pro version, but you can still expect the same level of protection from the free version.

The program offers an automatic scan feature where you can schedule scans daily or weekly. It works with real-time protection to keep your PC safe from viruses.


good antivirus

Bitdefender is another great antivirus software that offers great protection. Like the previous choice the chances of this program catching the virus was estimated to be around 99.9%.

Bitdefender is known for advanced malware protection with great anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection.

Bitdefender is also one of the programs that feature a very well designed interface that doesn't overwhelm you.

The software was also designed to be very light. This is one of the great advantages that make it stand out among other alternatives as antivirus software are known to be heavy.


avast antivirus

Avast is very close to the first two alternatives when it comes to virus protection. Through the same research, Avast was estimated to offer 99.8% protection against viruses.

The program also offers good resource usage. This makes it a good choice for people concerned about resource usage or who don't want to see the PC being slower after installing a virus protection software.

The program is easy to use even for first-time users. You won't need a manual or to search the internet to get started with the extremely easy to use interface. Avast has been one of the greatest options of antivirus programs and it is still keeping its position.


AVG antivirus

AVG is another great choice as it offers great protection against viruses. It also offers low resource usage, keeping the PC fast.

The program now offers some extra applications including a system cleanup utility in addition to a mobile antivirus app. Although the program is famous for being a bit annoying to use, it is still a great choice.


Malwarebytes - antimalware protection

Malwarebytes has been among the most notorious names in recent years when it comes to antivirus software. The program offers a powerful anti-malware protection tool in addition to a very small size and very fast performance with low resource usage.

The free version of the program lacks some essential features like real-time protection. But it can still be a great asset as a free program.


adaware antivirus

Adaware is an antivirus software that offers solid virus protection. It can be one of the top candidates for the best antivirus software.

One of its drawbacks is that it uses a lot of resources. However, it can still be a great choice offering extra anti-spyware features.

Of course we are talking here about the free versions of the antivirus protection programs. If you are thinking of a future upgrade then Adaware can be considered an excellent choice with its affordable price.

eScan Antivirus Toolkit

eScan antivirus

eScan Antivirus Toolkit is one of the applications that offer a different way of virus protection. The program doesn't need installation and it can run directly. So, it can be used as a second layer of protection if you need one.

There are many features that you won't find with this application like real-time protection which is now found in all antivirus programs. This is why it can be a stand-by secondary protection solution.


Trend Micro anti ransomware

Just another alternative of eScan that you can just run without installation. Like eScan, it doesn't offer real time protection or scheduling choices but it can still be a lightweight checking tool for viruses.

The company behind this tool, Trend Micro, offers a range of other tools you can check. These include an anti-ransomware tool, browser guard and others.


Panda - security from viruses

Panda is one of the great antivirus software available. This is despite having a number of downsides including the many ''upgrade to pro version'' messages you are going to see.

The program still has some great features like offloading the processes to the company's cloud servers. This allows it to operate with very low resource usage.

While the program offers great protection against viruses, it still doesn't achieve a very high percentage of virus detection like other software. However, it still offers a clean easy-to-use interface with reasonable protection.


zonealarm antivirus

ZoneAlarm has the features of other software in addition to a range of others like an integrated firewall. The other features can be very useful especially if you want an extra layer of protection.

The program also offers a good interface and good level of protection efficiency that make it a considerable choice.

Bottom line

Your work files are the last thing you would imagine losing in the current pandemic situation. So, don't forget to keep them safe. Choose one of the free antivirus software mentioned above and protect yourself online.

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