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Product Marketing Manager (ID: 1124)

As a Product Marketing Manager at Dealna, you will be responsible for the inbound and outbound marketing activities for our advertising products . The role requires vast knowledge in B2B marketing, developing on-line and off-line marketing strategies, building an effective lead generation campaigns and creating trustworthy market researches. The Product Marketing Manager will manage the product by collaborating with the sales and marketing teams, collecting data and feedback and preforming a comprehensive analysis, plan and execute lead generation campaigns and track ROI on different initiatives.

Arabic Content Writer (ID: 1125)

Our knowledge center is constantly expanding offering our user’s up-to-date technological articles. Our Content Writer will be responsible for creating  professional content on our website and on other platforms needed (social media etc.). We expect our Content Writer to identify trending topics, create engaging and interesting content –  both in  fluent English and Arabic.

Application Developer (ID: 1127)

For creating our application our developers will work with multiple programming languages and operating systems. Working closely with our website developers the Application Developer is expected to be involved in the process, life cycle and creation of the final product, designed and aimed to create a meaningful and easy-to-use experience for our users.

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